What to wear to the Couture part two – my inspiration!

19 January 2011

After my last post, I got quite a bit of advice from Grazia Daily readers and from my friends- through Facebook and other means of communication, like ‘Be yourself anyway - don't be part of the fashion clone army.’ Or ‘Wear your own stuff but turn it up a notch’ or even;

‘I suggest - Firstly: A LARGE HAT. With fruit AND OR bird on it.
Secondly: LEATHER SHORTS. Just cos.
Finally: ‘A wheel(s) of cheese. Everyone knows the French j'adore cheese. And why not...’  
Marvellous, aren’t they? I reflect, not for the first time, that I am very lucky to have such wise, insightful friends. So, clone army? – no way! My own stuff but amped up a notch? – good. (Although I want new stuff, of course). As for the wheel of cheese, although that may or may not have been a joke (from my sister) that isn’t far off the approach taken by the likes of Anna Dello Russo AND Tavi, when she went to the couture last January. I WON’T be plumping for an edible outfit, of course, because that would just result in getting strange looks of the ‘who is THAT nobody wearing a giant hat with fruit and birds on it?’ variety OR no one wanting to sit next to me due to the overpowering smell of cheese. Bad. Very bad.

Pictures from fashioneditoratlarge.blogspot

Fashion editors whose looks I admire in particular are Melanie Rickey, Grazia’s own fashion editor at large, and blogger Susie Bubble. Of course, the fact that I don’t physically resemble either of these glamorous women in the slightest is a mere trifle, and one that I’ll put to the back of my mind for now. Melanie always looks brilliantly put together but never overdone. At the moment, her staples are fitted trousers, either leather skinnies or posh mannish ones that end slightly above the ankles (a look I fear my legs are too short for) plus lovely silky blouses and very smart blazers from brands like Celine. Tres sophisticated and she always appears very comfortable.

Pics from stylebubble.co.uk

Susie Bubble wears so many clothes and accessories at any one time that she does often threaten to tip over into the ‘bonkerama’ category, especially when she is trying out new looks and posing for her blog, stylebubble. However, when you see her out and about at shows, she only ever looks striking, rather than mad, and, like Mel, appears comfy and can move around freely, never trussed up even when she’s put on enough clothes for four normal people to wear as an outfit each. Genius!  
I’m thinking – trousers and blouses for elegance and maybe a cropped jacket and the biggest shoes I can lay my hands on to compensate for my shortness. I will definitely keep it colourful - as that is what I wear every day. Here is my shortlist – Michael Van Der Ham S/S ‘11 (top picture)


Great Reiss trousers with an Alice by Temperley military jacket

Fab of fabness Jonathan Saunders look, one of my absolute favourites of the whole of fashion week. (not exactly trews, but two out of three ain’t bad).

But what do you think? Harsh critics and passionate supporters alike, please let me know below!

- Naomi Attwood


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