What can I wear to the Couture?

17 January 2011

             This is what I'm wearing today - but could I wear this to the couture? Should I be me?                            or should I couture my style up?

What an honour to be invited to a real couture presentation in gay Paris! After we interviewed Giovanni Bedin, the designer of the House of Worth, they splendidly invited me to go and watch the magic happen, next week on Tuesday 25th January, 2011. Hurrah! And, at exactly the same time, OH NO! I haven’t got a stitch to wear.

Obviously concentrated in Paris during the haute couture shows are the world wealthiest, skinniest and most uplifted women. And now me. *Gulp!* Some people would say that I have a unique sense of style. The technical term for this style is “a right old scruffbag”. Numerous jobs (although not lovely Grazia Daily) have tried to get me to part company with my nose ring and at school I was forever being sent to the deputy head to have things confiscated or be lambasted for not wearing the regulation blazer (or skirt or shoes)


Do I need to get myself one of THESE?!

 Anyway. Traditionally the ONLY things to be seen in at haute couture are

a)     haute couture; or

b)     a Chanel suit.

I have neither of these unfortunately so I am going to have to get some inspiration from somewhere. Any thoughts, kindly let me know in the usual box . . .

- Naomi Attwood



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