Dynasty Gets A Remake!

17 January 2011

Grazia Daily loves little more than a fash-tastic piece of cinematography, which means we were understandably beSIDE ourselves with excitement when we heard that outta-the-eighdees soap Dynasty was set to be remade as a movie. >thrills<

Dynasty was, of course, THE soap for fashion lovers to watch between 1981 and 1989, with its fusion of excessive style (shoulder pads so sharp they’d make Lady Gaga wince, and enough Elnett to keep Chezza’s mane in hold for a decade) as well as the ludicrous plot twists (Moldavian wedding massacre, anyone?) and ridiculously overblown catfights between Linda Evans (Hell's Kitchen, 2009), Stephanie Beacham (Big Brother 2010) and the legendary Joan Collins (reality? are you KIDDING?)

The new Dynasty movie will be a prequel set in the ‘60s rather than the ‘80s and will establish how oil tycoon Blake Carrington met his future wife Alexis (originally played by Joanie). Show creator Richard Shapiro described the movie as being similar to the original series but ‘with horns’.

The big question is, of course, WHO could possibly take on the roles which Joan et al made famous twenty years ago? Joanie has spoken up about the movie, wisely ascertaining that ‘I certainly couldn't play her [Alexis] in a prequel in the 1960s’ (we agree, but still – boo). She reckons that ‘Chris Pine would be great as Blake. He's a wonderful actor’. Yes, yes and thrice yes. And he also happens to be a hottie, which is no bad thing. On who should take on the role she made iconic and play Alexis, Joan suggests the lovely Gemma Arterton, saying ‘she has all the qualities that Alexis needs. She's sexy. She looks clever and she's kind of vixenous.’ Actual amaze.  

Basically, what Grazia Daily is hoping for from the Dynasty movie is all the style of Mad Men, but with the camp flourishes that the original Dynasty gave us; a bit like what we were hoping for from ‘The Kennedy’s’ before it was canned. To see precisely what we mean by ‘camp flourishes’ take a look at this little compilation tape which we’ve trawled the interweb to find you on this grim Monday afternoon. Enjoy!

- Alex Butt



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