The Top Fashionistas Disguised as Actresses!

13 January 2011

With the Golden Globes in our sights (Sunday night, people!), Grazia Daily is counting down the hours ’till we can ogle those beautiful creatures swathed in layers of tulle. But it’s not all about the stars with nominations under their sparkly belts, oh no! We also love to see the ladies who make us scratch our heads and say, ‘Er, WHO? Ah, whatever, she looks nice’.

Camilla Belle & co. have made a career of this - topping best dressed lists and becoming style gurus despite barely having a CV between them, and Fashion Indie’s paid tribute to their talents. Take a look at who's on their genius list of top ‘fashionistas disguised as actresses’ and let us know if there's anyone missing…

kate bosworth valentinokate bosworth kate bosworth proenza

Like Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth is best known for her girl-next-door gorgeousness and the ability to look hot in a potato sack (not that she'd ever wear one, of course). In fact, Kate’s never short of a red carpet outfit. From hip and edgy fashion houses like Preen and Proenza Schouler to the established classics, including Chanel and Burberry, designers are forever hurling outfits her way. But we can’t name one noteworthy thing Bozy’s done other than, er, wear nice clothes. Oh, and date Orlando Bloom. Before he got married and had a baby with Miranda Kerr, that is. Ouch.

camilla belle yslcamilla belle gucci

So what's Camilla Belle famous for? Those tremendous eyebrows? Being an ex-girlfriend of the also tremendously-eyebrowed Joe Jonas? We vaaaguely remember that film about cavemen when she was running about in a loincloth... Ah well, for us wardrobe watchers, it’s all about the beautiful clothes, and we're talking Dior, Gucci, YSL, McQueen, Chanel. Yep, Camilla’s had her mitts on them all. Grr.

Next up, it’s Emma Roberts who was blessed with instant credibility thanks to her surname. Having Julia Roberts’ A-list genes meant the young actress (and we use that term loosely) glided into the Hollywood pool with ease. One thing’s for sure, she’s a pretty addition to any party. When Grazia Daily spotted her at the BFAs, we tried - and failed - to remember at least one film she’s starred in (answers on a postcard, please) but she certainly looked the part in her Julien Macdonald dress. And so her career continues.

Thanks to a carosel of effortless outfits, Summer has turned us into serious style stalkers – and by 'Summer', we obviously mean Rachel Bilson. She’s become a regular on the FROWs and a fixture at the glitziest of shindigs, but hands up if you remember R.Bilz playing anything other than Marisa’s BFF in The OC. Well, exactly.

demi mooredemi mooredemi moore

Hmm, what does Demi Moore do these days other than play wifey to Ashton Kutcher and tweet photos of herself in a bikini? Get dressed-up by super-stylist Rachel Zoe, of course! The amazing tiered blush Atelier Versace gown she wore to last year’s Oscars ceremony [above centre] won her rave reviews and that eternally fresh face keeps us highly entertained. Bah, who needs box office ratings anyway?

So folks, that's today's selection of actresses-slash-fashionistas for your consideration, but we want to know who YOU’d add to the list (hello Vanessa Hudgens and Emmy Rossum). Who's teetering dangerously close to clothes-horse territory if they don’t nail a meaty role sharpish? (watch your step, Diane Kruger and Isabel Lucas) We can't wait to hear your suggestions! [FashionIndie]

- Jessica Vince


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