Rachel Zoe’s New Collection Already Sparks Controversy!

12 January 2011

Grazia Daily is, naturally, majorly excited about all the A-list tots that will be arriving in 2011. Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman and Marion Cotillard will be popping out kiddies this year, and of course, Rachel Zoe is first in line. With her due date in March, the stylist extraordinaire has just announced that she’s having a baby boy - woohoo! we die! etc. And despite not having a Zoe mini-me in our midsts, her hubby Rodger Berman has promised that their baby boy will be fully designer-clad in ‘Chanel diapers, Missoni blankets, and an Hermès bassinet’. Jealous much?

So will the mummy-to-be take things easy considering she’ll be just one month away from giving birth when she dresses her superstar clients for the Oscars? Don’t be silly! ‘I’ve been asked to slow down,’ she told WWD today, ‘But to be totally honest, it’s kind of next to impossible when you’re planning your show and launching your collection, and in the middle of award season.’

Oooh, yes! Your own collection! Do tell us more, Ms Zoe. ‘I’d imagine everybody is expecting something from me that’s kind of a Seventies, uberboho-glam kind of thing,’ she says. ‘And it’s not.’ In fact, after having a sneak peek, we can confirm that instead of flowing maxi dresses and oversized sunnies, the Rachel Zoe Collection is all about chic tailoring. We’re talking smart jackets worn with matching shorts or wool trousers that kick out to create an on-trend flare.

As for the party dresses, they're just as glam as you’d expect with crimson layers of organza or monochrome sequins, and the suede boots with a four-inch heel plus giant platform are trademark Zoe. All in all, when you compare it to the, er, not-so-high-end range of faux-fur vests she launched with QVC, the end result is simply fabulous, daahlings. And, as we reported in June, Zoe will be expanding the line to create ‘an entire lifestyle brand. Everything. No limits.’ Oh, bananas!

But before we get too carried away, the RZC has already been hit by controversy. After viewing it yesterday, Teen Vogue’s Jane Keltner de Valle spotted the similarity between one of Zoe’s designs and a vintage dress she styled for the magazine in 2007. Uh oh. It certainly appears to be an identical match, so should Zoe be reprimanded for such blatant copy-catting and (whisper it) lazy designing?

We expected original creations from the super-stylist, rather than exact replicas, but considering most designers recycle ideas and find inspiration elsewhere, should she be let off? La Zoe has failed to bring her own personal twist to the frock but considering it’s inspired by a vintage piece, does it matter? As NY Mag notes, Kate Moss created her Topshop collections by reproducing items in her wardrobe and no one batted an eyelid...

So we want to hear your thoughts on today's Zoe hoo-ha? What do you make of her new range? Does the naughty regurgitation deserve a strict telling off? Or does it not bother you in the slightest? Time to get debating below...

by Jessica Vince



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