Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston are FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE!

07 January 2011

Jennifer and Nicole on set of 'Just Go With It'

Mental. Absolutely mental. Just like we imagine, in our heads, (where all famous people are basically inter-connected, like on Stella Street) Jennifer Aniston has bonded with Nicole Kidman, AND, instead of doing a normal interview with a journalist to promote the new flick they are both in with Adam Sandler, they have interviewed EACH OTHER for Australian Harpers Bazaar magazine. Reading it is almost like snooping at the keyhole of a room where an intimate, girly chat is going on . . .  for example, on each other’s bikini bodies;

JA: Okay, let me just say this: Physically, you are a masterpiece.

NK: Excuse me, you wear a bikini in the film and you look like you're 20 years old.

JA: I think that's Vaseline on the lens.

NK: You are a freak of nature. You have the best body I've ever seen. And I'm a heterosexual girl. You look good morning, noon, and night.

 . . . Which brings us neatly onto their fashion sense;

JA: Oh, please. I live in jeans and flip- flops. A good tank top, a great pair of jeans, and a great little wedge to give me a couple inches more that my dad didn't give me. Otherwise, I get kind of stumped. I see people walking through New York City and go, Wow, that's a great idea, why didn't I think of that? But, Nicole, you always have that smart look. It's very Annie Hall. I love it.

NK: I like boy-girl looks. I have no sense of what's fashionable; I just know what I like to wear. I don't believe in something being in and out. You know those lists? That probably goes along with the whole way I live my life. I don't like kind of changing with the wind; I like sticking to my own self.

JA: You wear L'Wren Scott a lot, right?

NK: L'Wren's collection, basically, I can wear. I don't have time to look through things. I used to be far more into that when I was in my early 20s, but I just don't have the interest anymore.

JA: If it looks good, the last thing you want to do is try on 10 couture somethings.

NK: Yeah, Renée Zellweger said she's just not interested in having loads of designers make dresses for her; it feels gluttonous. That is so right. It's not the place to be, particularly in your 40s.

 . . . And Jennifer guns even more firmly for OUR job as a nosy parker journalist;

JA: Another interviewer question: Has Nashville changed the way you dress?

NK: No, not really.

JA: C'mon, you can tell me. You have a cowboy hat hiding in that closet.


- Naomi Attwood


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