A New Olsen is Discovered!

06 January 2011

Brilliant, just what we need, right? As if having one set of twins in the world causing wardrobe-envy wasn’t enough, Grazia Daily has just stumbled across MORE Olsens! Ladies and gents, say hello to Mary-Kate and Ashley's pocket-sized sis, Elizabeth.

The emerging actress appears in the new issue of V Magazine amongst a montage of 2010’s new faces, including Astrid 'French ConnectionBerges-Frisbey, and doesn’t she look adorable wearing a floppy Patricia Underwood hat framing that wide-eyed beauty and mussed-up hair? Yup, unmistakably an Olsen.

And hold on a tick, isn’t that holey Rodarte-esque jumper she's sporting a Mary Kate cast-off? Yes, we believe it is! Remember MK’s Brit highstreet obsession when she went Topshop crazy in 2009? Well, what a lucky girl Elizabeth is, having unlimited access to the Olsen archives (sigh) not to mention already having a fashion label named after her. Indeed, this is the Elizabeth of MK and Ashley’s ‘Elizabeth and James’ line. Needless to say, she’s secured herself a pretty good fashion head start, as these cutesy (not hobo-ey) ensembles confirm:

Now, all of the above would be quite enough to get our blood stirring with jealousy but wait, there’s more! Olsen Jnr was nominated as V Magazine’s New Ingenue by none other than Chace Crawford. Yep, you read that right; THE Chace Crawford, OUR Chace Crawford, the man of Gossip Girl fame, chiseled handsomeness, and Grazia Daily guest editing (ie: drool, drool, drool). He selected Elizabeth after they starred in the upcoming movie ‘Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding’ together. And no, it’s not a follow-up to ‘Eat Pray Love’ - it is, in fact, about a conservative lawyer who takes her two teenage children to meet their estranged grandmother in Woodstock. Bla-dee-bla. All we see is a 21-year-old Olsen mini-me who, at the tender age of 21, has style, talent and Mr Crawford as a fan. Sickening.   

by Jessica Vince



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