Gwyneth can’t stop dressing up!

06 January 2011

Goodness me and goshly wow! Who is this strangely bewigged creature? Why it’s Gwyneth Paltrow of course. Yep lovely Gwyneth. She of the freshly washed and shiny hair, of the no-makeup makeup, of the Calvin Klein dresses and Stella McCartney tailoring.

It would be mean to say that Gwyneth’s fashion sense is unadventurous, because she does like to branch out and experiment, usually with see-through panels or sexy twists, like dresses with strategic parts missing. BUT! But on the whole she keeps away from anything fussy, frilly, printed, patterned, sausage-squeezingly tight or hippy-dippyishly loose and trusts her minimalist instincts.


Whereas several stars have become confused since the advent of Lady Gaga on the scene and stepped up the wacktacular content of their red carpet looks, Gwynnie has never threatened to be one of them.

Nope. And now we know why. She can get it all out of her system, by doing a bit of FANCY DRESS. Last night we spotted her all dressed up for what those Americans call ‘a skit’ with talkshow host Jimmy Fallon.

THEN we realised she had dressed up a RAPPER on the same show back in April of last year.


THEN we knew where her addiction started. Back in 2004 when Stella McCartney and Gwyn dressed up as their mutual friend Madonna to present her with an award. Rumbled!

- Naomi Attwood


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