Anja Rubik Refused to strip for Terry’s Pirelli Calendar!

06 January 2011

Lovely milk-faced model Anja Rubik has given an interview to a blog where she started off singing Karl Lagerfeld’s praises; ‘Doing the Pirelli was incredible, because it was always my dream to take part in this calendar. It’s like the most famous calendar in the world; it’s such a huge honour’ referring to her turn as a mythical Goddess in Unkle Karl’s photographic project, BUT ended up slightly calling Terry Richardson‘s methods into question. Very cutely, and obviously taking care to avoid causing offence without actually avoiding the subject, the supermodel said that she wasn’t in the habit of doing totally nude pictures, and besides;

‘I know he would push it a little bit more, in a way that would be very naked, and I know that I wouldn’t go there probably. So that’s why it was stupid to accept the challenge because I thought I wouldn’t be capable. And you think . . . how it’s going to come out, because he has a different kind of take of that, a little bit more on the edge of, you know; I don’t want to say vulgar but on the very, very slight edge of it. There were supposed to be a lot of girls, and he likes to shoot a lot of girls with girls, and I just didn’t think I’d feel comfortable, that’s why.’ 

Just come out with it, Anja! Say what’s on your mind! She doesn’t condemn him though, (disappointingly for the trouble stirrers out there), adding;

‘To be honest I know him, [and] I’ve shot with him many times. And I think he’s great. I never felt uncomfortable, I never thought he pushed me into anything. I think if a girl, like, leaves her green light that she’s open to doing different things, he maybe pushes the boundaries. And if he knows how the girl is.  Like I don’t get all these allegations. I mean I worked with him over, I don’t know, 15 times and I never felt awkward . . . that I felt I had to do something.’

There are certainly two sides to Terry’s work – the international glossy editorials, like this gorgeous MANGO campaign he shot of Anja herself, and then the ‘arty’ ones too. Anja Rubik is ranked 3rd in the world and 23rd in the earning stakes according to, so if she isn't entitled to turn down assignments that don’t appeal to her then we don’t know who is. 

On a lighter note, Anja went away for her Christmas/New Year hols and came back an engaged woman. CONGRATS! Her boyfriend, model Sasha Knezevic, proposed to her in his home town of Vienna and he’s now her fiance! Awww. How fast models live, don’t you agree? Travelling the world, earning squillions, turning down Terry Richardson and his rudey sideboards AND getting married . . . and she’s only 26!

- Naomi Attwood


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