Grazia Daily's ALTERNATIVE Christmas message!

23 December 2010

Deck the halls and tra la la la . . . it's time for Grazia Daily to head off and lie bloated and sleepy on our parents' settee for a few days again. It's patently obvious that SOME of us enjoy the festive period more than others, but at least you've not found yourself in any of THESE Christmas scenarios! (Or maybe you have!)

Initially, Sylvia's friends were thrilled for her when she managed to lose all that weight. But THEN when she wouldn't stop showing off how slender she'd become, and even stopped going through normal doorways, they began to go off her a bit.

Glennys KNEW her smile of gratitude wasn't very convincing but she didn't care. She asked her boyfriend very nicely for a statement necklace and this is what he bought her. SOMEONE would be getting dumped in the New Year.

Louise shut her eyes tight and prayed feverishly to the Baby Jesus: 'PLEASE make sure I get an Alexa bag this year. I promise I'll be kind to everyone and give money to tramps next year if you do . . . '

Pauline spent two hours getting ready and one hour practising her lines for when hunky-boy-from-next-door popped round for a pre-Christmas sherry. 'But you've come ALREADY! I haven't even dressed up or anything!'

- Naomi Attwood


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