Chloe Sevigny's REVEALING feature in Playboy!

22 December 2010

After reading a recent feature including an in-depth interview with Chloe Sevigny in Playboy (yes, we’re getting to that now) We feel all political and riled up. Miss Sevigny really says what she feels and doesn't hold back. And we, for one applaud her for it. For example;

Although she appears in Playboy, she has kept her clothes on (although no trousers), because it's their interview spot, called 20Q, and also because she so cool she doesn’t even need to take her clothes off in girlie mags as the very sight of her T-shirt sends men WILD with desire.  Here's what she had to say;

‘I’m glad I grew up during the last vestige of cool, in the 1990s, when everything wasn’t blogged and on the Interwebs, when things were more on the downlow and underground’

Interwebs? INTERWEBS?? INTER? WEBS? Didn’t we have have interwebs in the ‘90s? Our mistake.

Picture from Playboy via Blackbook

Like, when all the young kidz used to read THE FACE and adopt everything featured in there as ‘cool’ regardless of what it was, was less of a cliché than when kidz in the noughties look on blogs for the object of their style crushes? We don’t know. We are filled with admiration of her stance to defend the ‘90s to the death, coz we miss the ‘90s too. A little bit.

She also says

‘I would rather have people come up and say “I really liked your performance in this or that” than “I really like the way you dress.” That irks me. Anyway, the term It girl gets used too loosely. . . .Today the term is used to describe, say, Peaches Geldof—a girl who doesn’t do anything but is just sort of around. [In the ‘90’s] I felt I was doing stuff, not just being a socialite.’

On this point, Miss Sevigny, once again we salute you. Yes, we do see you on the red carpet from time to time, but we do know you have a day job as well - you're the star of thought-provoking indie films. Quite. And, although modern day standards are admittedly not what they used to be in “the ‘90’s”, we think people still fundamentally have more respect for well dressed ladies who also have an an occupation outside of the red carpet/opening of an envelope/ fashion launch scene.

Are we right? Do you think Chloe is a valiant upholder of celebrity integrity OR is she simply being prententious? Let us know in the comments box below.   

- Naomi Attwood


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