Carine Roitfeld rumours! Did she jump or was she fired?

21 December 2010

Given the fact that, when someone like Karl Lagerfeld confirms he is definitely NOT retiring, and has NO plans to do so, rumours immediately start swirling around, predicting his successor, (and then successor to the job his successor would have left to go to Chanel - does that make sense?) no one was surprised to wake up this morning to find the internet COVERED in rumours about the reasons for Carine Roitfeld’s departure from Paris Vogue.

Apparently certain blogs have spoken to (unnamed, but of course!) employees at French Vogue who were told by the company that Carine was ‘mise a pied’ literally – ‘sent on her way’ in VERY un-fashion Lord-Sugar-in-the-boardroom style. *Gasps!*

We don’t know the truth - but we can safely say this is uncorroborated stuff – and to balance out the fact everyone is gossiping behind her back, we’d like to point out that her profile as "celebitor" has never been higher which is always good for the mag, in the same way that Anna Wintour starring in The September Issue did US Vogue’s sales no harm.

Also, figures show that during Mme Roitfeld’s 10 year era at the top, circulation rose by 45%.

In fact, perhaps going into the rumours and digging around in the dirt is a little beneath us. We’re not going to do it.

JOKING! Here they are;

1 Rumour Une is a re-hash of a bit of gossip that circulated waaaay earlier in the year – that supposedly Carine borrowed Balenciaga samples for a Vogue shoot, then showed them to Max Mara, for whom she consults, who then copied the designs. Far fetched? French Vogue was banned from the Balenciaga show around this time. The high number and profile of Carine’s consultancy jobs with other brands has rankled with various top brasses in the past.

2 Rumour Deux: she has managed to offend more people from brands for whom she is not on the payroll – her own magazine’s advertisers. Allegedly, Bernard Arnault was so annoyed to view the most recent issue, guest-edited by Tom Ford (another Roitfeld crony) with shoots of very young girls in make-up and a less than satisfactory quota of LVMH credits, he threatened to pull ALL his brands' ads for the next one.

3 Rumour Trois is that after 10 years of one approach, the magazine might want someone more "literary" like Le Figaro's Fashion Director Virginie Mouzat to take over. Putting this in perspective, though, is easy – not being very literary is hardly a sackable offence. Especially when the mag in question was thriving in terms of sales and ad revenues.

Shameless aren't we? Although it will all blow over soon, because it'll only be a blink of an eye before we are speculating about WHAT CARINE WILL DO NEXT!

-Naomi Attwood


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