We chat to Giles about THE JOY OF SOCKS!

09 December 2010

Well, December is a traditional time of year to invest in socks for your loved ones, and by freakish but brilliant serendipity, Giles has designed a gorgeous range of toe-warming pieces for lovely Happy Socks! Hurrah! To celebrate the fact, we got together via email and asked Giles to tell us all about his favourite footwear foibles . . .

Grazia Daily: Do the socks you wear reveal things about your personality?

Giles Deacon: Socks for me cheer me up so a nice colour or pattern works a treat

GD: Do you wear specific pairs for cycling, and if yes, do you pull them up proudly over your trousers?

GD: I will cycle in any sock and yes, pull them up over my slacks - the more novel the better

GD: Sometimes people complain that buying socks as presents for people is a bit unoriginal . . . what would you say to them?

GD: So not unoriginal if you go for a very special pair - they have socks in places ranging from New Look to Hermes 


GD: Do you have a favourite sock pun? I will use it for the headline of the piece. . (.e.g The joy of socks, Sock it to me, I wanna socks you up . . . )

GD: The joy of socks always makes me laugh

GD: What are the nicest socks for girls to wear? Do you like it when girls wear high heels with socks?

GD: Ankle socks with high heel sandals and knee high with platforms

GD: Do you have a solution to when you’ve done your washing and there aren’t any matching pairs to be found?

GD: Yes, go and buy some new ones!

Thank you so, so very much! happysocks.com

- Naomi Attwood



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