It’s the Royal Wedding Round-Up!

09 December 2010

Who could have predicted that the nation would be so utterly overexcited by the prospect of a Royal Wedding that there would be enough stories to fuel a round-up column? Well there are! And Grazia Daily are the ones doing it! Lucky you.

In amongst the more serious newsy stories, there is a whole host of other, more scurrilous gossip which Grazia Daily is naturally drawn to faster than you can say ‘Miu Miu’. So, let us tell you what we have learned in the past few days about The Wedding.  

Ultimo boss Michelle Mone last week accepted her OBE from Princess Anne and announced to the press that she had designed Kate Middleton’s wedding night lingerie. Or, at least, Michelle has speculatively designed some lingerie for the future Queen, though it remains to be seen if Kate wishes to take style advice from a woman who went to Buckingham Palace wearing a semi-sheer basque.

TFL are upping the tackometer one more notch by launching a limited edition Oyster Card, which Transport for London commissioner Peter Hendy told London's Evening Standard ‘will be extremely tasteful’. As tasteful as a limited edition oyster card can ever be, obvs.

Ex-Sugababe Keisha Buchanan, that well-noted royal observer, has also felt drawn to comment on the forthcoming wedding by explaining that Kate’s marriage to Wills has given her hope that she too might one day snag a Prince, telling the Telegraph that for her ‘it's all about Prince Harry now’ (secretly, it is for Grazia Daily too). However, Keisha obviously has more of a chance than us, since whilst Grazia Daily refuses to be prised from our sofa these days, Keisha totally hangs out in the best snare-a-prince nightspots, adding that she ‘bumped into him once at Chinawhite’. Amazink.

US celebrity weekly People magazine has asked the question the world was waiting to be asked, by conducting a poll querying whether Prince William looks hotter now he’s engaged to Kate, or whether he looks the same. Alas, Grazia Daily secretly suspects that Prince William, like Britney Spears, reached the peak of his attractiveness at the age of eighteen, but there’s not a button for this so we shall have to keep it to ourselves. 

And finally, after we reported that Wills and Kate have eschewed hiring a high falutin’ wedding planner in favour of organizing the shindig themselves (with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police and the entire royal household staff, natch.), Grazia Daily has been forced to wonder whether they’ll look to the most iconic wedding of the 80s for inspiration, a wedding that defined a generation, that was watched by millions globally and inspired countless copies. No, not THAT wedding, silly, THIS one!

Ps. Elton John singing ‘Suddenly’. How awesome would that be?

- Alex Butt


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