Bryan Boy is CONSIDERABLY RICHER than you!

09 December 2010

One of the absolute JOYS of working as a fashion assistant at a glossy mag is that you get to spend all day writing delicately phrased prose about the joys of Louis Vuitton footwear while trying to pretend the soles aren’t coming away from your plimsoles, attending red carpet events shivering in a high street coat and thick black tights as you have to get the bus home rather than ‘a car’ and, most importantly of all, crossing fingers and toes at the cashpoint and never EVER EVER EVER looking at your bank balance. [Get on with it - Ed]

This is why we always *painfully gritted teeth* feel so pleased and proud for people like the fragrant Filipino himself - Bryan Boy, who inadvertently let it slip at a recent event that he earns in excess of £50k per year.  Well done, Bryan. Apparently, most of this comes from advertising on his blog. Good for you! Also, he sometimes charges an appearance fee when he goes to fashion events, although he very graciously conceded 'But if it’s something or somebody that I support, then of course I’m not going to charge' Apparently for Mr Boy ' is really not the issue, it’s about getting material and getting my content.' What a LOVE. Oh, and we think that lucrative consultancy at H&M probably comes in handy.

He also revealed a few details about his lovely new boyfriend, who is so cute that Bryan Boy is considering moving to Europe to be with him. He is a banker, and when they first met, he did not know who Bryan Boy was. 'Which I love,' Bryan said. 'Totally unrelated to fashion; fashion meets finance.' Does your banker boyfriend have a straight friend for us, Bryan Boy? We’ve just seen our council tax bill . . . . Bitter? much?

- Naomi Attwood


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