Ultimate Fashion Smackdown: Anna Dello Russo Meets Lady Gaga!

07 December 2010

Picture from Nichola Formichetti on twitter

Last night in Milan a momentous occasion took place. Picture the scene, readers: Anna Dello Russo, wearing a silver lamb leather slashed dress from the Gareth Pugh S/S 2011 collection, arrived at Mediolanum Forum for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour, in time to go backstage and meet her idol, somewhat unbelievably, for the first time!

Some bloggers/fashion insiders had been privately concerned at the prospect of such an event, fearing that if the two came into contact, the effect of so much ridiculously theatrical, shiny baubley clothes in one room would be the same as that of Marty McFly meeting his future self in Back to The Future. That’s right – a paradox, which makes the Universe explode. We are happy to report that nothing of the sort happened (although we think you might have noticed yourself if it had).

Anna Dello Russo hysterically described the encounter on her blog. Let’s see what she said, mmm?

‘Finally I met my MUSE!

I took a present for LADY GAGA because I knew she hates BARBIE. I gave her a little doll that represent her.

I was impressed by LADY GAGA’s performance on stage. SHE’s a totally complete ARTIST, SHE’s a musician, SHE’s a fashion icon, SHE’s a singer, SHE’s a dancer, SHE’s a poet with a VOICE out of the ordinary.’

And, slightly bafflingly, added –

‘SHE’s a new MEDIA of communication’

Like an alternative to the radio, or newspapers or websites? Really? Well, far be it for us to sneer at such a claim. We have learned from experience that whatever Gaga has put her mind to so far, hasn’t seemed to have been a problem, so we’ll just go along with that one.

Brilliant. Which reminds us, we must organise our annual fash-off round up of the year articles. This year has easily outmanoeuvred last year's 'Gaga vs Rihanna' with bonkers fashion cartoon character Daphne Guinness performing very strongly and newcomer Nicki Minaj shocking everyone with her late but powerful red carpet appearances.

- Naomi Attwood


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