Who’s Who in the Royal Wedding Organisation Team!

06 December 2010

Now here’s a surprise: in favour of hiring a big shot wedding planner, People magazine reports that Prince William and Kate Middleton are organizing most of their big day 'themselves', with a spokesperson telling People ‘there is very clear direction from the couple themselves, and it is being very closely looked after by the household’. No mean feat when we consider that this is a wedding which is likely to be watched by more than two billion people globally. >gulp<

Kate Middleton and Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton

Heading up the wedding team is William’s private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. A former army officer (so probably not the person in charge of wedding favours) Lowther-Pinkerton has been employed by the palace for the past five years and has been instrumental in helping both William and Prince Harry establish their army careers.

William and his brother’s personal secretary, Helen Asprey, is also closely involved in the organization (and is more likely, Grazia Daily suspects, to be charged with the "creative" plans). According to People, Asprey has worked as the Princes’ private secretary for a decade, which in the early days involved ‘setting up their shooting weekends and personal appointments’ (yes, that's just how Grazia Daily's teenage years were spent: shooting weekends and personal appointments ). Asprey has been (literally) seen in the background in the past few weeks, firstly at the announcement of William and Kate’s engagement and later as Kate visited the wedding venue, Westminster Abbey.

Miguel Head

Finishing off the list is the official press spokesman for the couple, Miguel Head, a man who moved to the palace from a position at the Ministry of Defence, where he helped to negotiate having a senior member of the royal family on the front line of military service. Again; we’re imagining that this is not a man who will be tasked with anything involving ribbons.

Pippa Middleton

Of course, this is the official roll-call for the wedding plan, though there are undoubtedly numerous other figures working overtime to make sure everything goes smoothly, not least Kate’s mother Carole and sister Pippa who is rumoured to be in line for a role as Lady-In-Waiting once Kate becomes Princess Catherine. In addition to this, Grazia Daily likes to imagine that senior members of the royal family are also playing a part - perhaps Prince Philip is organizing the table plan with military precision, whilst Queenie and Camilla fight over the flowers and Beatrice hand-writes the invitations (How many ‘r’s are there in ‘Barack?) It’s possible, right? Or perhaps that’s just our overactive imagination.  

- Alex Butt

Alex Butt is Grazia Daily's self-appointed Royal Correspondent. In coming months, Alex will be reporting on all matters pertaining to the forthcoming nuptials in excruciating detail right here on the site. Should you have any burning questions, style musings or historical facts you would like investigating, Alex would be delighted to hear from you. Please post your thoughts below and Alex will try and pick up on as many as possible in his reports.


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