Viktor and Rolf and their strange foibles

03 December 2010

Maverick design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren create some of the most wacktacular clothes known to the catwalks, and we are pleased to announce that their personal habits are no less, um, individual. For example, they have a special ritual to do on flights, which has the superstitious power to stop the plane from crashing, the boys told WWD how they always touch pinkie to pinkie, in a handshake of sorts, each time they land. 'It started out a very, very, very long time ago as a full-hand high-five,' explains Horsting. 'Now, it’s become like this.' They demonstrate for clarification. 'And if we travel separately,' adds Snoeren, 'we always text each other when we land.' With Horsting chiming back, 'We’re very superstitious.”'

So worried are they about upsetting the delicate balance of the universe, that they would not reveal the name, or any details of their new fragrance, because “It’s bad luck to talk about things in advance,” remarks Horsting, explaining how, at a party the night before their spring 2003 show, they told someone about their worst fear: losing control. 'The next day, the whole show, the production, the organization, went totally out of hand,' he says. 'Afterward, we realized that we strongly believe that once you express something, it’s the start of making it a reality. This is why we’re very cautious about expressing things before [they happen].'


Hmm, interesting...but with trademark outfits like the one formed out of a zillion mens' collars and ties, or a catwalk show where model Kristen McMenamy wears 20 outfits all at once, we would be disappointed if they came out with something bland or sensible. You've got to love those Dutch designers!

- Naomi Attwood


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