What ON EARTH happened when Grazia Daily met Kelis?

30 November 2010

‘I’m not here to entertain you!’ Kelis bellowed at the audience as she strode on stage last night at her Russian Standard Vodka Originals concert. ‘I’m here to pleasure myself!’ she continued, ‘and you’re all here too. If you don’t wanna dance, then you may as well GO HOME NOW!!!!!!’

Holy star-spangled bodystockings Batman, we’re not in Kansas any more! But only a few minutes earlier, Kelis was chatting away to Grazia Daily, backstage in her dressing room at the rather grungey environs of the Kentish Town Forum, where Kelis, who is like a six foot shard of glitter in human form, seemed a slightly incongruous presence. Anyway. Do you want to know what we chatted about? Yes, OF COURSE you do!


Grazia Daily: You taken on a bit of a new direction in music and your latest album is much more dancey. BUT! Which is the best dressed crowd, hip hop chicks or ravers?

Kelis: Ha ha ha. Well, it’s not like people come all looking the same. You know it depends more on the city you are in than the kind of music at the gig, because all the scenes are pretty much cross-pollinated these days anyway. People in the UK always dress really well, and New Yorkers as well!

GD: Some of your songs are very anthemic like Trick Me, and Caught Out There resonate with lots of women who’ve been through certain relationship situations. Do you get a lot of people wanting to tell you their stories and what they were going through when they were listening to your songs a lot?

Kelis: People don’t so much tell me their stories, but people have said in the past, like, "oh, I listened to your song and it helped me through a rough time, and thank you so much". When I meet people it tends to be out, partying and having a drink rather than, oh let’s all sit down and share our stories, ha ha.

GD: So, we hear you recently trained and qualified as a Cordon Bleu chef! How does that work out? Do you have to lower your standards when you are on tour?

Kelis: No, I don’t like to lower my standards where food is concerned. I always think it’s important to eat well, and I don’t mean, like, loads of greenery. I mean, eat really good food and indulge yourself. Food is such an important thing and it can make you happy or make you feel worse if it’s not right. I try and find really good places to eat on tour, and I think for about ninety percent of the time that works out. The other thing that you can do is to find somewhere to cook for yourself. Sometimes I take pans and cooking things out on tour with me, but it depends on the trip. I didn’t bring them with me this time!


GD: Now it’s time to talk about some of your recent style statements. Would you mind talking us through the following pictures of yourself?

Look 1: This is actually a bathing suit. I thought it might be a bit too much to wear a bathing suit for a TV show so I got my tailor to buy silk in the same colour and make the top part. We got some metal bits in there as well to make sure that it was nice and fierce like a warrior-gladiator kinda thang.

Look 2: What can I say about this? I don’t think you can go wrong in a sequinned onesie. Perfect for Vegas. I particularly liked the matching eye mask that went with this.

Look 3 OHMIGAHDOMIGADDOMIGAHD! [freaking out, hysterical laughter] I love this jacket soo much it's my favourite jacket in the world. It’s vintage Thierry Mugler. I love it. It fits like a glove, I love Mugler and I had those leather pants custom made in exactly the same shade of yellow. Every time I open my closet and see it there it's like Aaaa-ah-aaaaaah! It’s like a rainbow of joy!

Look 4 This is a Mulberry dress and I’m performing at a Mulberry event. It’s really pretty and sweet so I thought I would sorta spike it up with my jewellery and what have you [i.e a set of metal horns]

Look 5 Oh yeah, this is like a year ago when Acapella was coming out and everything was going crazy. At that time I was feeling very animalistic so I decided to go for my Alexander McQueen hooves, a latex catsuit from a sex shop, a lovely little Stella McCartney blazer and a tail. I mean, why not?

Why not, indeed Kelis. We for one are certainly not going to argue with you about that!

- Naomi Attwood



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