25 November 2010

Grazia Daily chats to Pearl Lowe!

Her ladylike retro designs for bargain brand Peacocks have always sold well, but this season, sales went crazy as women and fashionistas of all ages clamoured to get their hands on a piece of the lacy, demure but super flattering range. We caught up with Pearl herself to see her reaction to the frenzy and find out what else she has been up to, inlcuding the mainline she also designs. . .

Grazia Daily: How are you? What are you up to at the moment?

Pearl Lowe: Really well, with lots to do – I’m moving house, so that’s keeping me busy.

Illustrations by Gary Crozier for Pearl

GD: How has the response been to you Peacocks collection?

PL: The last collection we did has gone completely mad – it sold out, and then there were waiting lists for certain items. I don’t think they’ve ever had a waiting list in Peacocks before, then what has been really lovely, is so many people tweeting me, saying where can we get it? We can’t believe they’ve all gone, and so forth, I’ve been thrilled and really surprised with the response.

GD: Is this the 2nd drop of the first collection, or the second collection?

PL: It’s my fifth collection – its funny because the last two sold well and were a success but this one was with a new team and it was the first time I had complete creative control. So . .  I don’t know if that’s made a difference but I was proudest of this collection anyway and now it's sold so brilliantly!


GD: But you’ve been designing your own line for a lot longer, haven’t you?

PL: I’ve been doing interiors since 2001, then dresses since 2006, so I do know what I’m talking about. When I go into a meeting I have prototypes, I have all the prints, I don’t follow fashion or trends, I just have it fixed in my head how I want something to look. I love fabrics so I go away on research trips to get cheap fabrics – but ones that look expensive – that’s for Peacocks. Peacocks is great because it’s really reasonable, AND good for girls with big boobs and bums because it hides a multitude of sins. [giggles away]

My mainline is a lot more expensive, but it's because each thing is hand made and they are quite individual, it's stocked in a lovely boutique called Viola on Connaught St in London, and prices start at about £695.

Illustrations by Gary Crozier for Pearl

GD: Peacocks sells in a much greater range of sizes, doesn’t it?

PL: It goes from size 8 to 18 which is great, although it was a big challenge at first. I’ve even been asked if I would go up to a size 20!

GD: If you could work with anyone or any brand, in fashion who/what would you do?

PL: Ooh, I love Givenchy so Riccardo Tisci would be amazing, or Karl Lagerfeld because I love Chanel. Anyone really high end I would love!

GD: Is the world of fashion quite different to the world of rock and roll? (Pearl used to be a singer herself and her partner is Danny from Supergrass)

PL: There are elements that are similar. They do kind of merge. In music, people aren’t bothered about how they look, though in the world of fashion – when we have meetings, I feel like I look a state, because people are really groomed, hair done, nails manicured, perfect. I’m much scruffier by nature.

There are elements of the party lifestyle in both worlds but nowadays I don’t belong in either. I wear Hunter wellies and have dogs and a 4X4!


Illustrations by Gary Crozier for Pearl

GD: Are you looking forward to Christmas?

PL: I can’t wait! We’ll be in the new house, there’ll be lots of people.

I really make a massive effort, because I had that with my parents when I was growing up, so I do it for my kids. We have a white Christmas tree with lots of pink decorations! We got it when Betty was born, but I think the kids are sick of it now. They’re like - can we a have a normal green one this year?

GD: Have you put anything on your Christmas list? 

PL: [Very sadly] I’ve fallen in love with some Globetrotter luggage AND a few other things but my husband says they are too expensive. He says – you're getting a new house: that’s your present!

Illustrations by Gary Crozier for Pearl

- Naomi Attwood


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