Karl Lagerfeld On Kate Middleton!

18 November 2010

As a man not known for his lack of opinions or laissez faire attitude, it was inevitable that Karl Lagerfeld would add his voice to the discussion surrounding the forthcoming royal wedding. BUT, before you have visions of Kate Middleton being described as a 'fat mummy' or something equally barbed, you can rest easy. Because he's actually quite nice about it. WWD reports that Karl has spoken about the forthcoming marriage, specifically about the fact that Kate is not a member of the aristocracy, saying 'for the royals, apparently the royal blood is not in demand any longer' although this is 'better for the generation to come'. (We know, we know. It DOES sound like a veiled insult, but keep reading).

Now, a quick potted history with which you can bore the boyfriend later: tradition dictates that royals should marry other royals, but the last member of the British royal family to actually do this was The Queen when she married Prince Philip of Greece in 1947. From the Queen Mother to Diana and Fergie, most royal weddings in the last century were between a royal and a commoner, but the difference where Kate is concerned is that whilst Diana, par example, was titled before her marriage (she was a Laaaady), Kate is from a pretty ordinary middle-class family. Albeit a middle-class family with a rollocking great house in Berkshire.  

On the inevitable comparisons between Kate and Diana, Karl also has an opinion. Obvs. 'She is very different from Princess Diana' he said 'and seems very well balanced and a happy person.' Style wise, Karl was equally enthusiastic about the future Queen (how scary must that be?), saying 'she is chic in a way the position needs' and also describing her as 'beautiful and elegant' and 'like a younger sister' to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark' which we take as a compliment though our knowledge of the Danish Royal family is somewhat limited. In fact, Karl was so complimentary about Kate that Grazia Daily can't help but wonder if it was, perhaps, a veiled pitch for The Dress? Imagine that! Oooooh...

- Alex Butt

Alex Butt is Grazia Daily's self-appointed Royal Correspondent. In coming months, Alex will be reporting on all matters pertaining to the forthcoming nuptials in excruciating detail right here on the site. Should you have any burning questions, style musings or historical facts you would like investigating, Alex would be delighted to hear from you. Please post your thoughts below and Alex will try and pick up on as many as possible in his reports.


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