18 November 2010

Grazia Daily chat to Coco Sumner!

She's just played her Manchester I Blame Coco gig for Spotify and 3’s Now Playing series but we caught up with Coco Sumner the throaty-voiced, angry-eyed frontwoman of I Blame Coco, after what sounded like a pretty heavy night ...

Grazia Daily: Hello there, how are you?
Coco Sumner: Well I haven’t been to bed yet, so I’m feeling pretty tired and a bit croaky.

GD:That’s reassuringly rock and roll. What have you been up to, young lady?
CS: Well, we are touring at the moment and writing the second record in between shows, so I’m at my bass player's in Guildford where we have been recording some new songs.

GD: Ace. And you’re playing a concert for Spotify, aren’t you? When is the first one?
CS: Err, I’m not sure actually. I usually have people who help with my schedule.

GD: They just get you up and tell you where to go . . .
CS: Exactly. I’m like a robot. Seriously though, Spotify is a brilliant idea, gives people a chance to listen to music they can’t afford to buy and it’s nice for everyone to be able to listen to whatever tracks they want to before they pay for stuff, so you get into more types of music. I’m a fan.

GD: How does it feel being a bit of a style icon?
CS: I don’t really know. I find it very weird when people say that and I don’t really know what they are on about. I wear what’s comfy – not that comfy I suppose, because I like to look smart. I don’t know any of the lingo, I don’t know what fashion words mean.

GD: What are your shopping secrets?
CS: Probably borrow stuff, I don’t actually enjoy shopping. It’s stressful. Now we are on tour, somehow all of our wardrobes are mixed in with each others – so I’m wearing a lot of my bandmates' clothes. I seem to have loads of their socks, in particular. Last night my laces came out of my shoes – so that was a bit problematic and now I need some new ones. Or some string.

GD: Do you like to wear a lot of vintage?
CS Yes. It's cheaper and it's more comfy because it's more worn in.

GD: What are you favourite haunts for picking up vintage treasures?
CS: Haunted clothes? You mean clothes that are haunted or have fleas? I’ve never had a problem with that. . .

GD: Phew!  Well, that’s fortunate! Do you have a favourite designer?
CS: Well, I’m friends with the people who work at Rag and Bone, so I’d have to say them because it’s an interview.

GD: We saw you on the front row at Hannah Marshall/Felder Felder at fashion week. Do you like going to shows?
CS: I remember going to that. It was because I had done some music for the soundtrack. Yeah, I did enjoy it but I was really surprised at how quick it is. I mean – people work on that for months and months and its all over in 10 minutes! It was my first experience of fashion week.

GD: Do you nick any of your dad or mum's wardrobe - We think Trudie must have an amazing archive . . . What are your favourite pieces?
CS: Oh, I am such a big stealer. My family call me the family jackdaw, or sometimes the family kleptomaniac. The best thing that I’ve taken from the house at the moment is a scarf – grey scarf, it's narrow, and silvery.

GD: Are you looking forward to Christmas? Are you going to make a Christmas list?
CS: No. Haven’t. I don't want anything. I like those things where you adopt a baby from another country. Well, not adopt it, but send it money. Except I might feel bad for the other little babies.

Ah well, you can’t save them all, Coco. Thank you very much for talking to us!

The next single by I Blame Coco will be out on January 31st and its called Turn Your Back on Love.

Why not click on this link through to the site www.nowplayinguk.com where you can register to win tickets to see a free gig, whatever town you live in!

- Naomi Attwood



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