Will SJP leave Halston now her CEO friend has gone?

12 November 2010

Heads up everyone! There’s been a drama of the FASHWAN variety over at Halston Heritage. CEO Bonnie Parker is no longer at the company, and according to someone from the office - who then went and told a New York paper everything (charming), apparently it wasn’t her decision to leave, and SJP, who is a good friend of hers, was devastated. She even shed tears of frustration when she received the news. 

A source revealed, ‘Sarah and Bonnie had a meeting on Friday in Halston's offices to discuss problems with the latest collection. Sarah has been a strong supporter of Bonnie for a very long time, and has been the sole voice supporting her against the board and shareholders. She has been fighting this for a very long time. She believed in Bonnie. She was emotional and upset because this finally came to a head.”

Poor Sarah Jessica, but more importantly, poor Bonnie. Will this mean SJP will start doubting her position at Halston now her best work friend has gone? We hope not, but naturally we'll keep you informed if we hear anything...


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