Grazia Daily goes on a snowboarding Henry Hollanday!

11 November 2010

Henry with Michelle from ROXY

Well. It all started early one Tuesday morning in November at Heathrow airport with Henry, his House of Holland team, the Roxy Heart gang, a few fashwan journalists and some VERY large luggage. Either there were snowboards in there or maybe some instrument similar to a cello. But all would soon be revealed. After a short flight to Geneva, (in Switzerland, natch) all that stood between the gang and the fresh fluffy powder of the slopes was a mammoth cross-country journey up the hugest, most windy hill we'd EVER seen in our life to a teeny little skiing village called Saas Fee that was to be our home for the next few days, in honour of Henry Holland and the brills skillz range he has designed for Roxy Heart!


We get a lesson we'll never forget from Laura

Day 1 – snowboarding lessons. Up in Switzerland they like to keep things simple. Each day is spent on the ol’ piste – and yep, they already have snow a-plenty even so early in the year. The reason for this (as I am now able to point out to all my friends who know about such things) is that Saas Fee is based on A GLACIER and at extremely high altitude,  many feet above sea level. The rest of the time that is not spent in the cold stuff is either spent eating cheese or having a drinky. BUT more of that later!


Anyway. Here is me with my snowboarding instructor, Laura from the Eskimo snowboarding school. She was like a patient Mother Teresa figure, only wearing goggles and a snowsuit. Despite her amazing work in getting me to stand up on the board and slide downhill without killing myself, I think there might have been something wrong with the snowboard. It kept going in the wrong direction in the manner of a wonky shopping trolley at Sainsbury’s. Oh, well.


Possibly the best part of the whole trip was getting a ride on the ski machine – because we were beginners and too scared to go on the T bar lifts. Here we are with Jade Parfitt about to go for the ride of our lives. Can you spot the fear in our eyes?


Day 2 Today there were more snowboarding lessons and all that, and it started getting a teeny bit easier. (But let’s not lie and say that I can do it really well now, because I can’t). To make up for the disappointment of this we all went to a revolving restaurant (yes, you read that correctly) on the very top of the mountain and then down a spooky cave made of ice. Oh, and we found this really cute but enormous dog too and posed him with the Henry Holland snowboard TM.


Henry and our new favourite tipple

To end our trip we decided to blow all previous cheese eating experiences out of the window and go out for a bubbling FONDUE DINNER. MMmmm. Here we were also introduced to a local delicacy known as Jagermeister. A completely harmless liquor made of herbs. This had absolutely no effect on any of the party. It must have been a coincidence that some people climbed aboard a friendly local cow at the end of the evening. And luckily for them it was too dark in the pictures to tell who it was.


What a fabulous holiday. Thank you very much Roxy Heart! Oooh, and here’s what the lovely Henners had to say about it all in his own words. . . .

-Naomi Attwood with photographs by Liliana De Notaristefano


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