Happy 10th Birthday Marc by Marc Jacobs!

10 November 2010

A decade after its launch, Marc by Marc Jacobs - the secondary line from the cult designer - has 161 freestanding stores, plus several hundred wholesale accounts and has grown consistently from day one. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, Marc is 'doing a Kate';  just like Kate Moss has at TOPSHOP, the be-kilted designer is re-releasing a capsule collection of the label's greatest hits from over the years. Yay!

Marc by Marc started life as the pet project of Marc’s business partner Robert Duffy. Of course, now the label become a license to print money, but in the early stages it was apparently difficult to convince Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive officer of LVMH, to invest in the concept at all. Duffy had to convince Arnault that the younger generation with less cash were interested in designer goods - but eventually managed to persuade him by highlighting the young age of so many of the customers who bought the Marc Jacobs perfume!

Robert Duffy explained in an interview to WWD to celebrate the tenth anniversary, that the company's simply reflects his own shopping instincts; ‘Like, I may wear a designer eight-ply cashmere sweater that I’m willing to spend a couple thousand dollars on,’ he says, thumbing the neck of his presumably eight-ply cashmere sweater, 'but I don’t want to spend £200 for a pair of jeans. And I’m not going to.’

Marc by Marc denim ranges from between £100 - £180 with the most expensive pieces (not jeans) at £500.

And if you're wondering if we might ever see Marc Jacobs x H&M, Duffy suggests you don't hold your breath; the reason why the brand has never collaborated with any lower priced retailers the way other designer labels have in the past is because it’s all kept in-house. In fact the cheapest Marc by Marc item is a rhinestone ring for $1!

And with prices like that, Duffy is understandably proud of Marc's services to shoppers worldwide; ‘It’s almost like a public service. I know what it costs to make a rain boot. I could charge £500 for them, and people would buy them. Or I could still make a lot of money and be fair.’

Sounds more than fair to us!


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