05 November 2010

When this Grazia Daily contributor found herself in New York recently her first plan of action – after shopping, eating and aimlessly walking around the city trying to absorb some New York attitude – was to track down the city’s most influential bloggers and quiz them about their style, favourite shopping spots, and where to go for the best breakfast and people-watching in the city!

So, we present to you Fashionista ( and its COS-loving, British-pub-enthusiast (when in London), email-obsessed Editor, Lauren Sherman who joined one of the most popular and frequently visited fashion news sites around just ten months ago and whose ‘super-informed friend who’ll always tell you the truth’ voice we have to read every day, throughout the day and thanks to her dedication, on weekends too!  

Grazia Daily: Lauren, could you talk us through your daily routine?
Lauren Sherman: Definitely. I live in Caroll Gardens in Brooklyn, where a lot of British people live actually, and I get up probably between 6:30 and 8:30 depending on what time I went to bed the night before! The first thing I do is to check the news to make sure there’s no breaking news on WWD or the New York Post. If there is, I write that up immediately and then go into the office. I try to do breakfast interviews or meetings or market appointments. My favourite places for breakfast are, obviously, Balthazar, our office is in Nolita so it’s really easy to get there and they have the most amazing food ever but it’s loud so, if we want to go somewhere quieter it’s Café Falai. It’s Israeli and really delicious, they have really amazing baked eggs so that’s where I would usually take people for breakfast. Then I get into the office usually around 10-10:30 and I write up the schedule for the day. We do twelve stories minimum a day. The rest of the day is spent writing, editing, talking about what’s going on, sending emails…I’m obsessed with sending emails back immediately! We’re done between 5 and 7 and usually there’s an event so I try to go to, not during Fashion Week, about 3 events a week. And I post one story a day during the weekends just to keep people interested and I take care of that myself because I don’t want people to work during the weekend!

GD: How would you describe your personal style?
LS: Classic American prep with a Scandinavian edge.

GD: Has it changed since you joined Fashionista and do you have a getting-ready-in-the-morning routine?
LS: My look is more relaxed and experimental. At my old job, it was all about black pointy Proenza heels and a shift dress. Now I mix in leather leggings, Acne wedges, and lots of loose silk shirts. I even wore a pair of tie-dyed pants and got so many compliments.

GD: Do you think there's still a New York 'look' and to what extend is your own influenced by it and the City in general?
LS: Definitely. There's no denying New Yorkers are very polished - particularly the city's fashion editors. Brits kind of have an "anything goes" mantra, where Americans create a "look" each season and maintain it everyday. I fall somewhere in between. But there's no denying I wear tons of black and that most New Yorkers do.

GD: This season’s round of Fashion Weeks has finished and we saw you here in London too. What’s caught your eye and what really stood out for you?
LS: For me it was Richard Nicoll, it was amazing! His Cerruti collection in Paris was also brilliant. That’s all I want to wear, a mix of his London collection and Cerruti would be my ideal wardrobe. He is, for me right now, the designer I’m thinking about constantly. There’s been so much, I’m definitely a Céline and Chloé girl, I love that stuff, but I would say Richard Nicoll right now is the designer I’m really excited about! He blew me away, I was so impressed and I think he’s really amazing.

GD: Did you do anything fun when you were in London or was it all work work work and then back to the hotel?
LS: I went to Cos because I’m obsessed. I lived in London for two years when I graduated from University and there’s this pub in Kensington called The Windsor Castle and that’s my favourite pub in the world, it’s 108 years old and they’re really good at organic food. So, I went there with a friend and I went to Cos and got a midi skirt, it’s my favourite store in the world! I’m actually glad they don’t have it in New York yet, I don’t want other people to have it!

GD: What are your favourite labels and designers and could you share a few of your favourite NY shopping spots?
LS: I have so many pieces from Acne that I wear season after season - Jonny Johansson creates instant classics. Other labels that I go back to again and again include Band of Outsiders, Isabel Marant, and Steven Alan. A new designer I'm interested in is Giovanna Randall, who launched her new label HONOR at New York Fashion Week.

On the American high street, I love Madewell, which is J.Crew's sister brand. Alexa Chung just did a range for them and I bought something the moment it launched. As for New York boutiques, Bird, a chainlet in Brooklyn, really can't be beat. Owner Jen Mankins is a former buyer for Steven Alan, so she has a really great eye and each of her three stores is curated specifically for the neighborhood. I also love jewelry designer Dana Lorenz's Fenton Fallon boutique in Freeman's Alley and Edon Manor in Tribeca--the owners sell Alaia, Givenchy, Proenza accessories. They had me at Alaia.

GD: Fashionista features a lot of shopping and street style stories - what was the last item you featured on the site and had to go out and get immediately?
LS: The shopping pieces I write are usually about things I'm about to buy or just bought. Today we did a gallery of anoraks; I'm definitely buying the Relwen version from Steven Alan that I featured. I also recently waxed poetic about Lover's poet blouse (pun intended!), so I'm sure that'll find its way into my closet soon.

GD: And the last item you bought and what's at the top of your 'must-have' list?
LS: Just bought: Minnetonka shearling-lined fringe boots from J.Crew - the closest you'll ever get me to Uggs.
Must have: A pair of platform penny loafers. I think I'll probably go with the one's from Topshop, although the five inch heel scares me.

GD: Finally, your favourite spot in NY to people watch?
LS: Café Gitane on Mott St. Actually, it's more fun to sit across from Café Gitane on the sidewalk and watch who's eating there. Or Thompson Square Park. You can still find some authentic weirdos there!

- Kiki Georgiou

Kiki was a very happy guest of Ace Hotel New York and The Bowery during her stay in the city. For more info visit and


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