THIS Is Why We Love Alber Elbaz!

01 November 2010

alber elbaz

Regular readers of Grazia Daily will have noticed that we are ma-hou-sive Alber Elbaz fans, not only because of the designer’s awesome collections for Lanvin (and soon – scream – H&M) but also of the man himself and his brilliantly un-fashiony approach to clothes.

With Lanvin about to enter the world of high-street collaborations with Lanvin hearts H&M, Alber has given an interview to industry bible WWD and explains the collaboration by saying 'ninety-five percent of women cannot afford [Lanvin], so let them have a taste. It’s like if I was living in a palace and opened some doors and said, ‘Have tea with me, taste the food.’ It’s not about giving away something that belonged to someone else; it’s about sharing.'

Now, in spite of being head designer for one of the world’s most lusted-after labels, Alber insists that one thing he is not, is cool. 'I have always said that we are not a cool brand. It’s not about being cool or not. We try to be relevant. I’m not going into the cool club. It’s not my address.' The last two sentences of which Grazia Daily quite wants to have printed on a T-shirt.

In the interview with WWD, Elbaz also reveals that after spending three seasons with Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche in the 90s (a period he now describes as a ‘scar in my heart’) he almost gave up working in fashion at all, saying 'I left and thought not only that I wanted to leave Saint Laurent, but I wanted to leave fashion in total'. Thankfully for us, Elbaz went travelling and rethought his plans after seeing an article about a woman whose son had been hurt in a terror attack.

'At first I thought to myself, who needs fashion?' he said, explaining the link between the article and his reaffirmation of his vocation, but then realised that whilst 'a doctor will give you a Tylenol. I will give you a beautiful red coat, and you will feel as good with Tylenol as with the red coat.'

Alber, we have no idea what taking a Tylenol feels like, but feel free to fling a red coat in the direction of the Grazia Daily office and we’ll undoubtedly be feeling very happy indeed.

Lanvin Hearts H&M hits the shop floor on 23rd November.

- Alex Butt


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