Halloween Who’s Who: GUESS the SPOOKtacular celebs!

01 November 2010

Prepare to have a scream, readers. Because in case you hadn’t noticed, Halloween was in full swing this weekend, giving everyone everywhere a viable excuse to dress like Taylor Monster Momsen. Of course, this got us wondering what old raccoon eyes wore herself – how could she possibly outdo her scandalous daywear? And what of Gaga? Considering her wacktacular outfits are the biggest selling celebrity costume, we can only dream of what the style stuntwoman would conjure up for the festivities.

Well lucky for you, Grazia Daily's tracked down the cleverest stars who really got in the dressing-up spirit. But we’re not giving it away that easy, oh no. So take a look through these fang-tastic outfits and have a go at guessing who’s who. Good luck... >cue evil cackle<

We begin with a touch of animal madness courtesy of these three Hollywood actresses who have geniusly transformed themselves into a tutu’d pig, a furry mutt and a rather chic ape (psst, the little leprechaun’s auburn hair gives you a clue of who mommy monkey is...).

Here’s hoping they steered clear of the queen of cruel, Ms de Vil who was spotted trotting around Belfast surrounded by a pack of little monsters mutilated pups, wearing little more than a Dalmatian print coat, accessorised with a pistol and smears of blood. Eep, it’s enough to give us the shivers. But considering this little Lady is known for her outrageous outfits, dressing as Cruella is just a regular night on the tiles.

More fantasy characters swooped in via these Batwoman types. We’re loving their sexy leather gear topped off with saucy eye masks - just add a feather cloak / cute kid. We reckon this is the easiest way to look sleek yet scary, which can only be a good, er, fang...

No prizes for guessing who this one is. Grazia Daily had a ‘Snook’ peek at the costume on Friday and the sound of a fringed dress covered in green sequins sounded rather fabtastic in a Katy Perry stylee, so we hate to admit the result didn’t quite live up to expectations... It’s less pickle, more pea-pod, no? Not to mention what looked like a dainty scepter in the original sketch turning out to be a Timmy Mallet-esque gigantic marrow thing. Handy for chasing away those pesky trick-or-treaters, though...

We swoop over to the super-swanky Lanvin extravaganza in New York where a host of Halloween revellers boogied the night away, but do you recognise the bespectacled pussycat who played the host of horrors?

Next up, we present the Pocahontas-style princesses. One’s a heiress, one’s a stylist, proving that this get-up can be both saucy and sweet, but which deserves a trick and which a treat, hm?

And who’s this Brit under that Bride of Beckinsale Frankenstein wig? Doesn’t she look dashingly deadly alongside her monstrous hubby complete with too-cool-for-school shades? Wick-edee-wicked!

And finally, is THIS the answer to the age old question of who is the freakiest of them all? We always knew this super-duper model was leggier than your average and has a penchant for pulling out the stops on Halloween (check out last year's scarily life-like crow impersonation, par exemple), but this sparkly robot creature is a real showstopper. And when towering over her mini man, sealed in metallic paint, it’s enough to strike fear into the hearts of any child (yeah, and adult). Yeeekz!

So pumpkins, how did you fare in Grazia Daily’s Ghoul Guessing Game? Be brave and check out the answers below to see if you’ve hit the nail on the head. C’mon, knock yourselves out…


- Calista Flockhart, Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore

- Lady Gaga

- Gwen Stefani, Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet

- Snooki

- Anne Hathaway, Alber Elbaz, Janet Jackson

- Paris Hilton, Rachel Zoe

- Kate Beckinsale & Len Wiseman

- Heidi Klum & Seal


by Jessica Vince



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