What It's Like To Wear A Lady Gaga Meat Dress

28 October 2010

Now Halloween is mere DAYS away, competitive planning of outfits is intensifying. Nowhere more so than New York, where the media are documenting the battle between Jersey Shore character Snookie and Lady Gaga in her meaty finery to be the most popular fancy dress costume of 2010.

Anyhoo. This little snippet marks a couple more points for Gagaloo -  a restaurant in NY’s Meatpacking District, a steakhouse called Old Homestead has created their own version of the beef curtain gown, and they are planning to sell it for $100 000. (Good luck with that guys. Will you be sprinkling that with pepper from an oversized grinder should somebody hand over the cash?) The lucky waitress who got to model the protein-rich item described it as 'Heavy. And greasy. And gross. But, you know, it is what it is. I like it'. ! ! !

The owner of the steakhouse seemed more than pleased with his chef’s efforts, saying "Well, we saw Lady Gaga on the VMA Awards, and it was very tacky. In fact, the designer Franc Fernandez, he put no thought into it. And I want it to be not just a cheap skirt steak. I wanted it to be something a cut above."

Well, if you’re planning a BEEF ENCOUNTER this Sunday, you know exactly where to go.


- Naomi Attwood


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