'RAPE AD' banned, Alesha is a superhero and the joys of leather socks!

22 October 2010

Have we gone back to the Nineties in a time warp? This provocative Calvin Klein 'rape' ad has been pulled in Australia [Nymag] 

Model diet tips anyone? Not just ANY models, but Victoria's Secrets give their secrets away! [Fashoionologie]

Oh, dear Victoria Beckham has made some new sunglasses, but doesn't know how best to publicise them. Oh I KNOW! Just make David wear them in a homemade ‘twitter ad’! [Cocoperez]

Jennifer Anniston’s dog is depressed – NAY suicidal! [The Guardian]

Alesha Dixon wore A CAPE to the MOBO’s – but the superhero kind, not the new, fashionable alternative to a winter coat. [Gofugyourself]

Cashmere – yes, snuggly totoes toasties – yes. Leather socks? LEATHER. SOCKS ? ? ? Has the world gone mad? [Refinery29]


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