Alexa Chung gets so much free stuff it won't fit in her house!

22 October 2010

Poor Alexa Chung!

Life is hard when you’re famous and beautiful – part 450 in a series of 2723. Pity poor Alexa Chung. She is sent so much free stuff that it won’t fit in her tiny house!

'I get sent a fair amount of stuff—but it's not all things that I'd have chosen. It makes you question your own taste sometimes,' she told ELLE. 'Do I even like this? My house is tiny and I can't fit things in. So if my mum or my friends don't want it, I send it back or give it to a charity shop.'

But this isn't a new issue for poor Chung, it's been bugging her for a few years now;

'I get goodies every week, and it’s dreamy, but I’m given so much I feel guilty,' she lamented back in the summer of 2009. 'Cosmetics companies usually get it right — I get lots of black eyeliner. But it’s not all good. Sometimes I open a bag and it’s full of diamanté jeans Victoria Beckham would love, and I think: “Why do you hate me?"

It really is like one of those biopics you see of rock 'n roll stars that you know will end tragically - like Courtney Love in The People Vs Larry Flynt.  A modern parable you might say. Beware, young girls, of wanting to grow up and become a famous model and TV presenter, it’s not all glitz and glamour you know. One day you’ll turn around and find your house overflowing with trinkets that YOU DIDN’T EVEN ASK FOR!

The only thing we can do to try and ease her burden is to uncover her closest charity shop, and be waiting on Alexa Chung donation day.

- Naomi Attwood



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