Sir TOPSHOP rescues the Government!

12 October 2010

In an effort to cut spending and shrink the deficit, the government has called in a renowned money saving expert from outside to go through all Westminster’s bills and come up with a report outlining where money is being wasted and offer tips to save it. BUT WHO IS SAID EXPERT? DaveCam and gang chose none other than owner of Topshop, all of Arcadia and close personal friend of Kate Moss - Sir Philip Green.

Apparently Sir Philip’s document will not suggest making civil servants redundant, but will instead encourage cuts to phone bills and expenses and make sure all purchases should be on special offer, rather than full price. In effect all the lessons built up over years of taking over inefficient businesses and turning them around will be put into action in his 33-page report.

While a specific figure on how much the government waste hasn't been published, Sir Philip said today, “There is no reason why government should not be as efficient as any good business. Any large organisation would want to use its credit rating and scale to buy efficiently.”  Politicians who have read the report described the amount of waste he has highlighted as ‘staggering’.

As Miss Moss will happily tell you - if you have a problem, simply give 'Uncle Phil' a quick call!

- Naomi Attwood


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