Eeep! Vuitton RUNS OUT OF BAGS!

06 October 2010

Back in the day when Grazia Daily was a hard working shop assistant, the most excruciating part of an otherwise fun job was the pesky customers who loved to sweep in the door two minutes before closing time and embark on a leisurely browsing session. You had to smile at them through gritted teeth when all you wanted to do was scream ‘Just buy something or GET OUT!’ as you could see, in your mind’s eye, all the tables at the pub getting full up before you could arrive there.

WHo is to blame for the shortage? Hmmm, Paris?

Based on this, imagine the joy, nay, EUPHORIA of the Louis Vuitton assistants in the Paris branches who have been allowed to close early these last few days because . . . the shops are selling so much they are in danger of running out of product! TRUE! Yep, apparently the company has enjoyed enjoyed a 20% increase in sales, so much so that production can’t keep up with the demand! Apparently normal opening hours will resume next month. (Just in time for the Christmas build-up *groans*)


- Naomi Attwood


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