CRUSH ALERT! How Cool Is Isabel Lucas?

29 September 2010

Call us fickle but there’s nothing Grazia Daily loves more than discovering a fash fixation to help while away the hours (see: Jessica Hart and Georgia Jagger). So we’d like to introduce you to the latest starlet causing admiring gasps from everyone everywhere (and by everywhere, we mean in the Grazia offices). Ladies and gents, say hello to Isabel Lucas. We’ve become increasingly smitten with the Australian actress thanks to her unique blend of Chung’s kookiness and Richie’s bohoness, with a side order of Bardot’s vintage charm. And those dark brows are the icing on a very cool cake. Yes, move over style icons; a newbie has just landed in our fashwan net. Whoopee!

You might already be au fait with Isabel’s talents after her role as the-other-girl-who-isn't-Megan-Fox in 'Transformers 2’. Or perhaps you recall the time she was kidnapped then brainwashed by a weird cult during her heady days on Home and Away (before the demotion to Channel 5, that is). Or could it be that your life has been deprived of her sartorial smarts? Either way, it’s time to pay attention. And to bring you up to speed, Grazia Daily has helpfully complied Isabel’s best moments thus far, because we feel she deserves more than the occasional Fashion Jury nod. So let the girl crush commence...

The real clincher is Isabel's off-duty wardrobe. Of this, we greatly approve. Nipping around the LA streets, she knows how to look utterly trendy and free-spirited while steering clear of Try Hard territory. And that, dear friends, is her genius. A splash of white floatiness here, mixed with some feminine florals there, and she's got S/S ‘11’s 70’s vibe down to a fine art. It’s a chiconomic lesson for us all. As for accessorising, Isabel is one for a retro headband or nerdy glasses, sometimes a bike, or even a guitar because, well, that’s just the way she rolls.

But what of wooing the paps by night, you say? Well, when it comes to red carpet dressing, those clone-celebs could learn a thing or two from our Lucas. Most recently, we saw her working a gorgeous mustard dress from New York Vintage (how lovely to find a two-tone outfit to match that two-tone hair, eh?), accented by a statement Lulu Frost bracelet. We’ve also noticed the actress has a penchant for hippy maxi-skirts teamed with antique tops, low-slung bags, and (quelle horreur!) flats; a combo she sported twice this month.

What’s more, Isabel has a flair for giving modern trends a try. This brilliant frock is from fellow-Aussie Josh Goot’s S/S ’10 collection. Yep, while Megan Fox was sexing it up in flesh-flashing numbers, her co-star opted for acid brights and techno prints to play up to her beachy roots. How refreshing!

And what’s this, she nails classic chic too? Yes, Isabel’s frequently FROW-ing at Calvin Klein, looking beautifully coiffed in sleek shifts alongside the likes of Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth (let’s ignore the neon face, shall we?). And she’s oft been snapped cosying up to creative director himself, Francisco Costa, making us wonder whether Isabel is lined up as the superbrand’s new Brooke Shields... (please make it happen, Mister C!).

So having marveled at such a fash feast for the eyes, do you not agree La Lucas is the coolest thing you’ve ever, ever seen? She’s certainly won our hearts. But we're itching to know what you make of the ex-soap star from Oz. Are you going pea green with envy? Or should Isabel just go home and, er, away? YOU DECIDE!

by Jessica Vince



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