YAY! We're Backstage Blogging LIVE From Dolce & Gabbana!

26 September 2010

It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning in Milano, so what better way to spend it than blogging LIVE backstage, as Dolce & Gabbana prepare for their S/S '11 catwalk extravaganza? Want to know who's modelling? How the hair and make-up is looking? Course you do! And so do we... Let's do some backstage snooping together...

1.26 Superquick hair! From this...

1.28 ...To this! In like, four minutes! If only we could do this at home.. 'It's superquick 'cos I have to do every girl, so I'm bricking myself...' says Eugene Souleiman. 'There's no icon for this, it's more about the mood. I find this kind of style a bit more honest. The clothes are really romantic and also mainly white. So this feels like an eternal style that works with that. And you know what? The girls like to feel beautiful too..'

1.34 Stefano Gabbana gives a team talk!

'I think it's time for a change...I'm not young anymore, so we try to do this in a different way. Changing the look, we change together [himself and Domenico], she [the Dolce woman] changes. We take a lot from the south, from Sicily; this kind of white is seen there. This dress is beautiful, it's like white chiffon linen, this jacket is like a bedspread, I love the speeded up communication, but also I love the sense to think about fashion and really look, take your time to think about it, be really calm...with this whiteness.'

'But we also have the leopard, so she can be pure or not [laughs]. It's emotional to work on these collections. But this is a change. This is more simple, more spontaneous.'

1.54 Watching 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', 'cos obviously the scene backstage ain't trippy enough...

2.07 Flesh coloured thongs at the ready... Ha ha!

2.21 Moody mood board.

2.26 It's a very White collection...

2.34 How glamooor is this Dolce make-up?!

2.40 'LOOK at this gorgeous Dolce lip compact!' Make up guru Pat McGrath is so proud; 'the shades are Dahlia, devil, nude, ultra, and the girls are each getting a different shade!'

2.44 "This is about romantic clothes and romantic hair. It's quite loose and low, like it's been done by hand - it's not too tonged, which I like. Every girl's hair is different," says Eugene.

2.46 Even models like to give themselves a final check in the mirror...

2.54 The dressers are screaming 'personal jewellery off! No personal jewellery!'

3.02 This is the off-duty model uniform; biker boots, Chanel bag...

3.08 Model rules: you get your shoes done up for you...

...but you have to put in your own earrings.

3.14 Magdalena camps it up for the photographers, as you can imagine, this goes down very well.

3.20 What's Lily wearing? 'Rag and Bone army jacket, H&M vest, black skinny jeans by Superfine, chain handle Alexander Wang black leather bag..'

3.21 WANT. Quite frankly, it would be foolhardy NOT to get married in Spring 2011..

3.26 When Grazia Daily starts our own girlband...this is our first look.

3.35 'It's Hollywood glamour with a modern twist... Beautiful Dolce & Gabbana blush' [she breaks off to request 'a bit more blush!' on one of the models], 'Dolce & Gabbana mascara on the lashes, Dolce nude eye shade in the socket, soft brows... And then the Dolce lips...' Is there a beauty style icon for the season? 'No, it's just simple, fresh, beautiful'. Sounds good to us...

And look darlings! Grazia Daily got gifted a fabulous little white dress by Dolce & Gabbana all of our very own!


- Angela Buttolph in Milan


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