Britain’s Next Top Model Episode 12

21 September 2010

And today it’s a LFW special review!

charlotte holmes


This week on BNTM, exhausted by a schedule which saw them straddle two continents at the same time (having been, apparently, in both Kuala Lumpur and London this week) everyone broke down and cried. And cried, and cried and cried. Even Tiffany, who usually wears the same impenetrable death stare modeled this week by Pete Burns on Vivienne Westwood’s FROW, shed a tear after reading the letter left by last week’s evictee, Amelia. Grace ruined her make-up after Alisha told the panel why she felt she deserved to stay in the competition, Charley did his sad-puppy face during the eviction, Joy sobbed when she talked about ‘doing this for her family’ and Elle – even ELLE – began to cry when lovely Charlotte was sent home to Cornwall.

tiffany pisani


Talking later, Elle said that she felt she became emotional ‘because a lot of comments made about Charlotte - too commercial, too smiley, not fashion enough, too curvy, were the types of comments I heard early on in my career. When she didn’t make it through to the final three it felt like a part of me was rejected.’ Grazia Daily felt a little like a part of us was rejected as well, Charlotte having been our (not-so-secret) favourite up until this point. We weren’t sure if it was the exhaustion of Fashion Week or the fact that Miss Holmes was leaving but we, too, succumbed to the tear-fest that was Episode 12 of BNTM. >Boo<



Julien, naturellement, remained dry-eyed and frowny amidst the sobbing ladies. After seven weeks behind the Elimination Room desk, he finally got the chance to set the remaining four a challenge, which turned out to be a wild goose chase across the city visiting ‘Malaysia’s most famous designers’. With the exceptions of, apparently, Jimmy Choo and Bernard Chandran who we guess were otherwise engaged.

Actually Bernard Chandran DID show up at Elimination as the guest judge, to help assess the almighty hash Joy made of the advertising shoot and the go-sees. Joy’s catwalk attempts are now so bad that Alisha was rendered physically impotent by them, hysterically laughing and unable to say anything other than ‘It… looks…. Like… death…’ We are not sure how Joy is going to win at the live final unless she spends a lot of time practising her catwalk in the mirror. A LOT of time.  



In yet another demented photoshoot (this time – the jungle!) Tiffany triumphed with what looked like eight feet of Charlie Le Mindu’s left-over weave, and Alisha and Joy both did ‘edgy’ for the cameras pretty successfully, though Joy was later accused of having a hunchback by Julien. That's still edgy, right?

So – we now have our final three. Or at least we THINK we have our final three, but next week’s episode sees the ladies practise for the final catwalk and Elle and her judges do ‘something we have never done before’ according to the gorgeous Ms Macpherson. But what could it beee? Evicting the person who ACTUALLY DOES THE WORST, perhaps? We’ll have all the gossip for you this time next week!

- Alex Butt

Alex is Grazia Daily’s completely obsessed BNTM correspondent and will be reporting LIVE from the BNTM final on October 4th. Big Eep!


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