Louise Goldin Gets An Italian Fashion House!

16 September 2010

In the very lushly upholstered and thickly carpeted surroundings of Coutts Bank (so posh they have an entire pond of koi carp in reception rather than a meagre fish tank) Grazia Daily met knitwear innovator and darling of the London fashion scene, Louise Goldin. Coutts are Louise's sponsors through the Fashion Forward initiative, so that's the connection.

As well as unveiling a feat of engineering - her paper dress that is to form the bank’s centrepiece during London Fashion Week - Louise was in confident mood, as well as excited, ahead of the busiest time of the year. Ooh – but that might have something to do with her recent engagement. Proudly showing off her ginormous rock and pondering aloud whether or not she’ll design her own wedding dress, she had everyone cooing away and congratulating her.

Grazia Daily: How are preparations going for London Fashion Week Louise? Are you all set?

Louise Goldin: Yep, everything is going according to plan, Everything has been sent off for production now, so I haven’t seen many of the finished things, but it's all on time at the moment.


Louise Goldin A/W 10

GD: Which celebrities would you love to dress?

LG: I love Dakota Fanning and I think Kirsten Stewart has got a great attitude. I think Rihanna always looks great in my stuff and so does Jessica Alba.

GD: Are you still working with Ballantyne? We loved your last cashmere collection with them . . .

LG: No, not at the moment. I’ve been working with another fashion house recently. I’m very pleased and excited about it but I’m not able to announce who it is yet!

GD: Ooooh! Can you not even give us a teensy clue?

LG: Let me see. Umm it’s a major Italian brand, but that’s the most I can say at the moment! I think the plan is to announce it during Milan Fashion week, so keep your eye out!

GD: Wonderful. And we were wondering about your spiky shoes for Topshop. Do you ever get feedback from people who have been wearing them out and about or who have had strange adventures in the spikes?

LG: Yes, those shoes did really well indeed. They sold really well and were spotted out and about on quite a few cool people. My sister, for one, used to wear hers to rock festivals!


GD: Gosh, stilettos in a field? That’s very hardcore!

LG : Well, yes, she is that. My sister can get away with anything. She’s a real fashionista and she loves clothes and shopping.  

GD: Are you from a very fashion-obsessed family in general?

LG: I wouldn’t say fashion obsessed necessarily, but both my parents worked in retail and manufacturing, so from that point of view it does run in the family.

Thank you very much Louise! Good luck and see you at fashion week! 

Now WATCH Louise and her assistants create the paper dress, Hart Beat style! 



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