Grazia Daily reviews Britain’s Next Top Model: Episode Eleven!

14 September 2010


And then there were… How many are we down to now? Four. Right. So, after last week’s bonkers finale (‘you’re all going to MALAYSIAAAAAAAA’ cried Elle) the remaining five hopefuls flew to Kuala Lumpur in what appeared to be a thinly veiled parody of SATC2. The hospitality was all excessive and gorgeous, the girls were treated like princesses in the Ritz-Carlton and Charlotte and Joy even won a shopping challenge at The House of Raoul (no, us either). But Charlotte’s shorts were nice.
The girlies also met Malaysian-born Jimmy Choo who didn’t set them a challenge, tragically, but did keep appearing throughout the episode in a slightly crowbarred fashion. Was he the guest judge? Erm, no. Did he set a challenge? No. But he DID give the girls a pep talk on the bridge between the Petronas Towers and he also joined them in a group dance with Elle Macpherson, some traditional dancers and the Malaysian minister for Tourism. Yes, really.


Lovely delightful Amelia lost out last night, which makes us rather sad. We LOVED Amelia and her awesome red hair and vintage-style face, but it’s true that she never managed to look quite as beautiful in the pictures as she did in real life. Or, at least, in BNTM’s version of real life, where emails appear as branded bits of card floating on water and Elle Macpherson looks like THAT at 47.
But what else did the girlies do this week that we loved? Well, here are our best bits...


‘You look’, Julien told Alisha, ‘like a man in drag’. Now, the thing is that Julien said this as he sat behind the desk wearing Lady Gaga’s jacket from last spring and seemingly more foundation than Elle and Grace combined. Pot + Kettle, anyone? We are saying nothing more.  
Charlotte, we learned this week, can dance. So can Tiff. And Alisha. And, actually, so can Amelia. Which just leaves Joy, who galumphed her way through the Malaysian dance challenge looking like a slightly less elegant version of Ann Widdecombe. This was, we suspect, Joy’s worst nightmare come true.  


Kirsty’s departure a few weeks ago has had an unfortunate side effect, in that the remaining girls are now devoid of a scapegoat. Evidently too scared to bitch about Julien, the girls have turned on each other, and last night, for no apparent reason, had an almighty row about... erm... nothing. We have watched the argument seven times on our Sky + box and still cannot fathom what the problem was. Bring on the final, please, before they rise up and destroy each other.
What on earth happened to Grace’s hair this week? We loved the top-knot she showcased at elimination, but what the hell was the greased-back-fringe number we saw during the shoot for Baby G watches? Eh? Was it, in fact, just a greased-back fringe? Answers below, please.


So – to next week. Well, brilliantly, the girls are STILL in Malaysia and for the first time in about ooh, two months, Elle is going to unshackle Julien from his chair in the Elimination Room and allow him to set the girls a challenge. Be careful girls! He’s scary enough when he’s the other side of the desk.... Gulp. See you next week!

- Alex Butt

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