Yikes. Tim Gunn and the 'Wintour protection Program'!

08 September 2010

Tim Gunn is promoting his book – Gunn’s Golden Rules all over town at the moment. It seems to be a handy hybrid of etiquette guide and good ol’ fashioned muck raker. (WHERE can we get a copy????) The story about Anna Wintour being CARRIED DOWN STAIRS has already been released into circulation, but now he’s let slip the next part of the story . . . how Anna reacted! Gunn told chat show hosts Regis and Kelly;

"She read [that item] and went ballistic [saying], ‘This must be retracted, you must rescind the statement, this isn’t true.’ Well, it is true, and there were many witnesses — I wasn’t the only one who saw it."

Gunn also explains why he thought it so imperative to include this story in his book. saying,

"Accept responsibility for your own behaviour. If you're going to be carried down five flights of stairs, own up to it."

After being contacted by Anna's rep, Tim said he didn't mean to imply she doesn't know how to "work a Manolo." However, he's now re-telling the story on all America's chat shows, and adding the punchline with a wicked gleam in his eye and a wave of his palm – “And now I’m in a witness protection program”

Huh. We are not suggesting for a SECOND that we don’t approve of passing on wicked Wintour goss, but when Gunn grandly claims he is taking a stand against the Vogue editor’s pomposity – is he being purely self sacrificing?

After Toby Young (who wrote How to Lose Friends and Alienate People about his time at Vanity Fair under editor Graydon Carter) and Lauren Weisberger (The Devil Wears Prada) both had far more success with their insider accounts of life at Conde Nast than they did with any product of their own imaginations, the editor-trashing memoir is becoming a literary genre of its own. Maybe they will start teaching a module at Parsons (the NY fashion college where Mr Gunn spent most of his career teaching fashion students before becoming a TV star on Project Runway) on how to write them.  

Additionally, Grazia Daily (certainly not averse to the idea of a bit of extra pocket money) has already started work on OUR tell-all masterpiece: The Devil Wears Burberry! ha ha.

- Naomi Attwood



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