10 NEW Things We’ve Learned About Victoria Beckham

07 September 2010

Victoria Beckham, recent recipient of a nomination for ‘Best Designer Brand’ at the British Fashion Awards seems to be getting taken more and more seriously by the fashion industry these days. At one time we may have sneered at her lack of training and the sheer effrontery of presenting her collections alongside the likes of Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion week, when other designers toil away for years learning their craft. But it didn't take long for us to eat our words, and we've now joined A-list names from Courtney Cox to Jennifer Lopez in the VB love-in. And this week another huge seal of approval comes in the form of a profile in the New York Times. But what did she say to win them over?

1 She knows A LOT of very specific technical fashion words. 'This is metallic Jacquard' – she says of one fabric and then 'gazar, I love it' she observed of another while showing the reporter around her London design studio.

2 Her fashion line is no vanity project – last year sales were in excess of £4.55 million, which might not sound that much, but most young designers don’t even start making a profit until years into their business lives AND they usually need financial backing from a bigger company.

VB models a lovely GAZAR number from her own collection

3 She definitely feels the style of her label is evolving – 'my style has relaxed a bit. I think you will see that in this next collection.' We can’t wait to see what she’ll be channelling for S/S!

4 Handbags (created by London accessories queen Katie Hillier, no less) will debut at NYFW this month! Where we do have to go to join the waiting list?

5 Could the next thing be Victoria Beckham shops? Quite possibly. Currently, the collection is made in England tightly distributed - carried in only 20 stores around the world. New denim and eyewear collections are being sold in 100 stores and free-standing Victoria Beckham boutiques are in the offing.

6 She REALLY DOES get her hands dirty during the design process, no task is beneath her. For example draping her dresses on herself. 'I might get a piece of fabric and tie it around me, then ask an assistant to pin it for me' she said. 'I’m not claiming to be a master draper. The bottom line is: Would I wear this?'


With fellow fashion entrepreneur Natalie Massenet of Net A Porter

7 She’s almost a little too saucy for the prudish Americans among whom she lives these days. She's quoted as once having said 'You have to go to a sex shop to get this spray to polish them,' of a pair of thigh-high PVC boots she wore for a Macy’s appearance, as well as the fact [Victoria] has boasted about the size of her husband’s penis. (Oooh! Victoria!)

8 She loves wearing her own designs so much – she has even trained herself to work in her design studio in the tightly corseted eveningwear.

9 Just as Tamara Mellon once confessed that her drive and work ethic was born out of a desire to escape her desperately dysfunctional family and become independent, VB too has an edge to her, buried deep somewhere under the layers of makeup and perfectly bronzed slender limbs. 'Nothing has ever come easy to me,' she said wryly. 'At school I was never the brightest child. I had to work really hard.' Acutely aware of her shortcomings, she can be her own toughest critic. 'I’m no Mariah Carey,' she said of her time as a Spice Girl.

10 She NEVER NEVER switches off. When asked to name the guest list for her fantasy dinner party she came up with Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis but also Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue and Michelle Obama, who she 'really would love to dress'.

Good luck with that Veebie – there doesn’t seem to be much you can’t achieve when you put your mind to it!


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