Levi's party - Ahead of the Curve

03 September 2010

Last night we all got a rare fashion chance to flaunt our curves. We all know that this season is all about celebrating the rich undulations of a woman’s body (hooray!) and Levi’s is straight off the mark with a hot new collection of jeans designed to fit snugly to hips, thighs and booty – in varying degrees of curvature. You might be a Slight Curve (as modeled by Swedish indie songstress Lykke Li, above right), a Demi Curve as demonstrated by perfectly proportioned Pixie Geldof (above middle), or the dangerously rounded Bold Curve (boasted by super sexy German DJ Miss Nine, above left).

The launch party, held at soho club Studio Valbonne, was a musical showcase of all three girls involved in the campaign. From Pixie’s grunge debut to Miss Nine’s slinky house spinning it was a journey through all shapes, sizes and musical styles.


Lykke Li gave a short and sweet (just like her!) rendition of a few of her recent hits. We asked her afterwards if she remembered her first ever pair of Levi’s: “They were my Grandfather’s,” she said, “He always wore Levi’s and handed them down to my dad so I stole them. I love that androgynous look.”

Liam Gallagher was mooching around the crowds with a throng of identically hair-styled mates. We managed to get roped into a shot of tequila with him, and when we asked who he was there to support, his answer was blunt: “me f*@ckin self.”



Pixie drew quite the crowd for her debut with new band Violet (the name comes from her favourite Hole song) - Alexa Chung was there to cheer on her mate along with a bespectacled Henry Holland (above). We were desperate to know where Alexa’s cable knit jumper – worn over an Acne leather skirt - was from. “It’s so old I can’t even remember!” she shrugged. Oh to be a style icon.

Easily the most heartwarming sight of the night was Sir Bob Geldof being ordered to put his camera away by a bolshy security man only for one of the PRs to come rushing over to whisper “it’s Pixie’s dad!” so Bob could continue snapping.


After the show we caught up with Pixie backstage to find out how she felt after her first ever performance with Violet. “I’m pretty buzzing to be honest – I’ve waited a while for that.” And what does she like to wear her Levi’s Curves with? As much of a tomboy as you think she is she was strapped into full on glamazon Gucci platform sandals with stage appropriate vintage tee and a slew of studded accessories. All those years spent at Glasto have perfected that rock n’ roll insouciance.


We bumped into Florence Welsh who was devouring the mini bagels, having not sat down to a proper dinner in three days.  “I‘m so impressed with Pixie’s voice,” said the lungs herself, “the tone is really rich and she lands on every note just right.”

Perfect pitch for la Geldof – it must be in her jeans.

- Alannah Sparks


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