Kate Moss at Topshop: it's all over

31 August 2010

It was announced yesterday that after 14 collections, Kate Moss and Topshop are to part ways and pull the plug on their hugely successful partnership. Sir Philip Green, the owner of Topshop, released a statement saying that ‘Kate has done 14 collections with us. It has been fantastic for us and fantastic for her, but they take more and more time and she cannot do this full-time any more because she has other commitments’

Behind the scenes there are whisperings that Kate and Sir Philip’s relationship is not as cosy as it once was (she famously refers to him as ‘Uncle Phil’, whilst he once said he had ‘two daughters’). Chloe Green, Sir Philip’s 19 year-old other daughter starts work at Topshop’s London HQ later this autumn, and last year she said in an interview with The Times ‘Dad’s often said that I should do something for Topshop. Hopefully, one day I might design a Chloe Green at Topshop range. I’ve not really thought it through yet. But I don’t think it’s asking too much’. Grazia Daily is interpreting the above comment as ‘watch this space’.

In addition, this summer it was not Kate but Naomi Campbell who holidayed on Uncle Phil’s yacht, and this year, Kate’s collections for the store were cut down from a massive six per year to a more manageable two, amid rumours that the latest collections were not selling as well as their predecessors.

Though there remains the promise of more Moss on the high street in the future, with Kate designing a limited number of capsule collections of twelve to fifteen pieces, the final full Kate Moss at Topshop collection will launch on the 25th October. This collection will also include something special -  re-issued styles from her first collections. Team Grazia Daily cannot wait to see which pieces make the cut. The pansy print sun dress, perhaps? Or the one shoulder prom dress? (we'd love to hear which pieces you’d like another chance to grab, below).

We were also struck by a thought as we pondered our second chance to grab a piece of Moss Mania; for a high street retailer to reissue a number of designs that are only three years old is virtually unprecedented. Surely this, if nothing else, is testament to the fact that Kate Moss at Topshop has been one of fashion’s most game-changing partnerships.


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