Shake your pompoms and get in shape with CHEEROBICS!

27 August 2010

Let's face it, the Glee phenomenon has sparked a secret desire across the land (read: in the Grazia offices) to be a highschool cheerleader. Ok, we accept that's never going to happen, but when we caught wind of a chance to give the ‘Cheerios’ bizznizz a try and get in shape at the same time, we said BRING. IT. ON!

So one brave Thursday, Grazia Daily decided to take the plunge by swapping our Louboutins for trainers and our Alexas for pompoms. We kid you not. And we were in luck because just around the corner from Grazia HQ, we found a class in Covent Garden that combines the high-impact workout of aerobics with the techniques of Cheerleading. The name? Cheerobics (ha! see what they’ve done there?).
Admittedly, we were expecting to see a bunch of bubbly bimbos springing around in butt-skimming hotpants and latex crop-tops. So we breathed a collective sigh of relief when we were greeted by girls - and boys! - just like us, dressed in tees and jogging bottoms. Our instructor was Jess Rossi, head of SCZ Cheerleaders, whose squad performs for various events and competitions around the UK (ie: we were in good hands). And although she’s as lithe as those inimitable Cheerios, Jess has none of the snarkiness of Quinn and co. In fact, we were quickly reassured that all ages and all levels of fitness can join the class because the workout is tailored depending on your skill. So none of that Sue Sylvester ‘I empower my Cheerios to live in a state of constant fear’ stuff then. PHEWF! Where do we sign up?
Within minutes, Jess had our bodies popping with a cheer-inspired routine, which we learnt to the exhilarating sounds of Katy Perry, and along with her words ringing in our ears that ‘Cheerobics is great for toning up AND having fun’, we persevered. An hour down, our arms were pumping with adrenalin and all that pompom shaking had left Team Grazia feeling seriously merry. It was almost enough to impress the likes of Ms Sylvester (we said almost).
So why not watch the girls in action below (our sweaty first attempt was far too embarrassing to capture on camera, you understand). Then get thee to Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden to see what all the fuss is about for yourselves. Admit it, you wanna give it a try. So give me a G, give me a R, give me an A…!

Classes cost £7.00 per session, or free for gym members. To book the class, visit and for more info about cheerobics, check out



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