Grazia Meets Charlotte From Britain's Next Top Model!

25 August 2010

You may have noticed how into the current series of Britain’s Next Top Model Grazia Daily is at the moment, in which case it will come as no surprise to hear that we LOVED the demented photo shoot from Monday night's episode. Atop a Norwegian glacier, clad in nowt but a few empty bottles to spare their blushes, the remaining seven girlies braved sub-zero temperatures for the people at Isklar mineral water who are, we must assume, utter sadists.
So, we’ve JUST met up with the winner of Monday's challenge - Charlotte - to discuss her win, this series of BNTM, and her bid to become Miss England. And let us tell you this: the girl is gorgeous. Dressed casually in jeans and a vest, she has the kind of bright skin and glossy hair (all real – we checked) that can only be achieved by either having a very close relationship with your gym membership card, or hiring Mario Testino’s retoucher to follow you around. We wanted to hate her, but not as much as we wanted her to be our NBF.

'Everything up to now has been fantastic' she said, perkily, adding that this, the glacier challenge, has been her 'favourite bit thus far'. Now at this point, we raised an eyebrow and asked whether that was reeeeally the case, what with the freezing snow and all, but Charlotte explained that on hearing what she’d be wearing (recycled mineral water bottles) she was expecting, perhaps not unreasonably, that  'they might have melted them down and made them into some fabric.' So it came as a bit of a shock to see what the actual outfit was - er, recycled mineral water bottles. Not seeing the other girls (mainly Alisha) come back to the camp in tears undoubtedly helped her performance; 'I think not knowing – well, I’m a positive person anyway – but the not knowing probably did help.'

Charlotte's audition in front of the panel of judges

Now, obviously we’re in favour of hearing about the good bits, but we also wanted to know what had been the most difficult part of the competition up to this point. The answer was not a massive surprise - 'Okay - Julien' said Charlotte, of the show's self-appointed Mr Nasty judge. 'Eliminations are horrible – the process is horrible. And I don’t mind receiving constructive criticism, but he just doesn’t like me and it’s difficult having to stand there every week knowing that he’s going to say something negative'.

Grazia Daily sympathises, after all, it must be difficult never being able to say anything back, given that Julien himself is so very perfect in every way, hmmm? Charlotte revealed that she’d spotted Julien sporting some very special footwear in the Elimination Room. 'He totally wears man wedges!' she told us. We were thinking like Bryan Boy-style catwalky fashion wedges, but no – apparently they’re just little stacks. Bless.
Charlotte has resigned herself to the fact that the fashion designer 'doesn’t see me on his runway wearing his clothes'. Together with this, though, it’s obvious that Julien’s view of her is that she’s the most commercial girl in the competition and, more specifically, that commercial equals bad, whereas editorial equals good. Asked about this, she’s completely honest about her own abilities; 'the thing is, I am the most commercial girl in the competition, that’s fine. And I know I’m never going to be three inches taller or two sizes skinnier'.

Charlotte as Miss Cornwall at the 2009 Miss England Finals

The other tag attached to Charlotte is 'Pageant Princess' – she won Miss Cornwall 2009 and confirmed to Grazia Daily that, thrillingly, she’s still in the running to become Miss England. As Grazia Daily’s hard-hitting report last week about the outfits for Miss Universe reveals, pageants and modelling might both be about looking great, but that’s where the similarity ends. Charlotte, alas, confirms that the sequins and glitter of international shows are not quite what the Miss England contest is all about these days. 'People have such a negative view of it, but it’s all about beauty with a purpose, raising money for charities' - rather than a vacuous explosion of tack where she minces about in a swimsuit saying "I’m pretty pick me! And by the way I want world peace"'. Shame. The remit for pageant facial expressions, however, remains much more upbeat than on BNTM, something that has been a bone of contention between the judges when assessing Charlotte’s pics. Just to prove she can do both serious and sullen, we asked Charlotte to do her best Miss Cornwall face and her best BNTM face. Julien – if you’re watching, these two are for you.

Obviously, we weren’t about to let Miss Holmes go without finding out what she thought of the other girls. Surprisingly, because we loved Charlotte but were intensely irritated by Delita, the two got along really well; 'I got along best with Delita... and Hannah'. We also learned that; 'Amelia is completely crazy, which you TOTALLY don’t see on camera,' but which we are somehow not surprised by.
Excellent. And the rest? After diplomatically saying that she doesn’t 'get on with everyone, obviously' Charlotte expanded on her relationship with last night’s evictee; 'Kirsty knows we don’t get on! She’s just faaar too much for me.' We’re guessing there were no tears on Miss Cornwall’s pillow after last night’s elimination, then.
So who would Charlotte like to see as Britain's Next Top Model (apart from Charlotte, naturellement); 'I would like Tiffany to win.' And the reason? 'She cut her hair off! And she loved her hair as much as I do' which makes the BNTM house sound way more sisterly than we’d imagined it to be.  
And regardless of the outcome of the show, where does she see her career going after the competition is done? 'I definitely want to continue modelling,' she says, before adding; 'and I’ve discovered some presenting talents in the previous episodes.' With the Gems TV challenge and this week’s manic shop-o-rama, we can absolutely see Charlotte moving into TV work, and when she does, we’d like you to remember that we told you so.
Obviously, we also asked the lovely Miss Holmes about the Fearsome Four – judges Elle Macpherson, Julien Macdonald, Grace Woodward and Charley Speed.

What advice would she give them, we wondered, if she was to assess their performance as judges? Press play on our video player to see the results.

- Alex Butt

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