Grazia Daily reviews Britain’s Next Top Model: Episode Eight!

24 August 2010


We have a feeling that the leaving letter from the evictee of Episode Eight of Britain’s Next Top Model is going to be a good’un. For after seven weeks of notes which roughly express the same sentiment as the final scene of SATC (‘you’re all amazing, believe in yourselves’) the letter left by shock evictee Kirsty is likely to pack a little more punch. We can’t WAIT.
Kirsty, who was an early favourite to win this ‘cycle’ (as we have been directed towards calling it, menstrual jokes notwithstanding) of BNTM lost out mainly for being too cocky. ’I’m a talented girl’ she told us, as she left the house – thank you for that, dear. Aside from that, she didn’t actually naff up any of last night's challenges as much as Olivia naffed up modelling couture hats for Stephen Jones or Joy naffed up this week’s main shoot where the girls were asked to model Isklar mineral water bottles atop a glacier in an unremitting blizzard. Her elimination stumped us a bit, to be honest. Any ideas?

Charlotte having her dress fitted

Episode Eight was really all about Charlotte, after she won not only the glacier challenge but also the shopping task at the beginning of the show (one which could have been named the ‘Grazia Challenge’) in which the ladies had to find seven outfits in five minutes, we would have Kicked. Their. Asses.

But what else tickled Grazia Daily this week? Well, it looks a bit like this….


Misconception Of The Week
‘It’s like being in the Marines!’ cried Amelia, through gritted teeth, as she attempted to stand upright on the glacier; her auburn hair sprayed silver and teased into a monster beehive, and wearing more eye makeup than Jodie Harsh. Thus, she single-handedly proved that most people’s view of the armed forces is based solely on the hits of The Village People.
Dreadful Outfit(s) Of The Week
Shall we tell you what we learned this week? Even a group of seven gorgeous girls will look ridiculous in matching head-to-toe fuchsia pink. Looking as if they were about to launch the Katie Price Skiwear Collection, the girls arrived at the port in Norway for the glacier shoot. Norway, in turn, shuddered.
Random Celebrity Cameo Of The Week
This has to go to Giles Deacon, who inexplicably turned up in the Elimination Room. Not since the heady days of Noemie Lenoir’s appearance in Episode Three have we been so stumped as to the purpose of the extra judge. Perhaps he’s a massive fan, like Grazia Daily. Maybe?

Completely Insane Moment Of The Week
Julien pushed the boundaries of the ridiculous even further when he and Elle told Charlotte she had chunky thighs, following the shoot where she modelled a dress made of Isklar water bottles.
Bitchy Comment Of The Week
It was apparently muck-up day in the Elimination Room. Julien Macdonald was letting off stink bombs, Elle got the giggles and Charley Speed and Grace Woodward had quite clearly been enjoying the Green Room bar*. Charley told the story of the time he had to wear nothing more than a pair of boxers for a shoot on the side of the Rocky Mountains, Elle said she would rather have liked to have seen that and Grace responded by saying ‘I bet there wasn’t much to see’. Ooo-eee-ooh!
Bitchy Comment Of The Week: Stage Whisper Category
And no, this one’s not Julien either! In the Elimination room, Grace compared Tiffany to Sienna Miller. ‘More like Windy Miller’ muttered Giles Deacon. Ace.


So what’s in store next time? Well, a quick peek into our crystal ball tells us that in Episode Nine the girlies have to do their very first beauty shoot, as well as pushing each other off the top of a giant building onto a crash mat bearing Elle's face. Or perhaps we just want that to be the case. See you next time!

- Alex Butt

Alex Butt is Grazia Daily's self-anointed BNTM Chief Correspondent, and will be reviewing the show every week here on the site. Alex would love to hear your thoughts on each episode and any queries you may have about the show. Please post your thoughts below and we’ll try and pick up on as many as possibly in our weekly reviews of the show...


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