Nicole Scherzinger To Wear ONLY Victoria Beckham for X Factor!

13 August 2010

What with Dannii Minogue popping out a rugrat over in Oz and Cheryl Cole recovering from a nasty bout of malaria, Grazia Daily anxiously wondered how our hungry fashion eyes would survive this series of X Factor before the gals returned for the live shows. No more Chez-watch? Zero fash-offs? GULP. We were worried. But praise be for today's news that'll keep our avid style surveillance a’buzzing. Let’s begin with the photo evidence:

Exhibit 1: Here's Nicole Scherzinger at the Manchester auditions in a glam grey dress from Victoria Beckham’s S/S ‘10 collection. What a fine choice this curve-clinger is, we mused, but on second thoughts, it does look rather familiar... Haven’t we already seen it on Gwyneth Paltrow? Oh, and Jennifer Lopez AND Janet Jackson? Plus the designer herself too? Yes, we believe we have. Interesting, yes, although not entirely surprising, you might say.

Exhibit 2: But just the next day, Nicole trotted out this snug-fitting frock with structured shoulders and peplum skirt. And guess what? It’s another VB design from the very same line and already worn by a bevy of hip starlets - we’re talking Blake Lively, Jennifer Hudson, and of course, Vicky herself. So the question began to brew in Grazia Daily’s mind: why did the Pussycat Doll so publicly copycat Posh twice, on two consecutive days, and with such well-worn designs?
Well, we’ve found the answer! After some cunning detective work through Camp X Factor, we can exclusively reveal this tasty titbit. Gather round, folks, and listen up - Nicole will be wearing ONLY Victoria Beckham frocks for the rest of her run as the show’s guest judge. WOWZER!

Naturellement, we say this is a mighty smart move for Nic, especially considering all those brilliantly awful PCD outfits she's worn (braces plus suspenders with PVC leotards, anyone?). And remember how VB's svelte silhouettes worked wonders for Elle Macpherson when she became utterly smitten with the designs? 
So along with claiming the heart of race ace Lewis Hamilton, bagging herself a spot on the UK’s biggest TV show with powerhouse Simon Cowell, and now becoming Mrs Beckham’s doppelganger, Ms Scher-ZING-er is on the fast track to honoury-Brit territory, not to mention style icon status. And Victoria? Well it’s safe to say she’s just conquered yet another rung on her ladder to world domination. Good work, ladies!

P.S. don’t forget to tune your telly boxes next Saturday night when the latest series of The X Factor lands on our screens (that’s just eight sleeps, people!). Grazia Daily is planning a Welcome Back party already. Now if only we could get our hands on one of those dresses...

by Jessica Vince


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