09 August 2010

Rate The Looks: Katy Perry goes back to school for the Teen Choice Awards!

The Teen Choice Awards is always a jolly one, even for us style spotters. Truth be told, Grazia Daily thoroughly enjoys witnessing those sprightly young starlets frolicking about in their flirty frocks suitable for some innocent tween fun (more on the event's Best Dressed later). But for this year's ceremony, there’s one lady who deserves our extra special attention: Ms Katy Perry.

Why? Well, the cheeky songstress was given the honour of hosting yesterday’s extravaganza and in true K.Pez style, she stormed through a rollercoaster of veeery imaginative outfits. Switching from geek chic to glam goth and a whole lot more in between, Katy proved why she’s a true style chameleon and the number one Queen of Kookiness (and just when we thought she couldn't top that TWELVE outfits frockathon for the EMAs last year!).

But don’t just take our word for it. Examine the evidence for yourselves with our trip through her wacky wardrobe marathon...

katy perry teen choice geekkaty perry teen choice geek pattinson

Say hello to Lady Geek! This has to be GraziaDaily's personal fave - we're loving how KP played up to Glee-hysteria with her concoction of nerdy specs (complete with plaster), Ugly Betty braces, 80’s style denim playsuit and velcro high tops. Genius, right? And lead by Lourdes, we reckon this Gleek style could really take off... One thing’s for sure, Robert Pattinson looks smitten, so obviously we’re sold.

katy perry teen choice goth

Next up, Pezza gets leathered. Eeek! Admittedly, this sharp-shouldered number wouldn’t look out of place on Angelina Jolie but when accessorised with fishnet tights (on her legs AND arms), an abundance of studs (on her wrists AND neck), plus those buckled mega-wedges, the Morticia Addams wig, not to mention that gormless stare, the result is ultimate gothic horror. We actually think it’s kind of brilliant, just in a really creepy way... *shudder*

katy perry teen choice hippie

Then it was time for some Free Love as hippie Perry rolled up. After seeing how comfy she looks in this boho fest, surely once they’ve tied the knot, Katy and Russell will be running off to a married life of barefooted drum-playing and headband-making for their matching manes... Oh, the grooviness.

katy perry teen choice

But before we get too carried away, what’s this? No rubber latex hot pants? No sequinned candy bustiers? No randomly placed fruit? Katy, is that really you?? Oh, yes it is. Ugh, we're bored. NEXT please!

katy perry teen choice cheerleader

Woop, that’s more like it! Back to her dressing-up box, Mrs Brand-to-be pulled out her cheerleading uniform to shake those pom poms with her fellow Americans. "GIVE US A K!" etc...

katy perry teen choice prom queen

And from cheerleader to prom queen, Katy finished off her rollercoaster ride through highschool style with this frothy pink number. Yep K to the Pezzle, you've passed with flying colours and we hereby crown you the ultimate Master of Ceremonies. A's all round!

But which look was YOUR fave? It’s over to you, dear readers...


by Jessica Vince


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