Rosie Huntington-Whiteley takes over as face of Burberry!

06 August 2010

emma watson

We heard late yesterday that Emma Watson is the face of Burberry no longer. Aw. She's been sidelined to make way for the established model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Let’s see. Both girls seem to have the trembly lipped, pale faced kind of fashion gravitas required by the iconic British label to feature in its ad campaigns, but there are subtle differences between to two. Emma has a lovely face indeed but one that extends past the stage of 'fresh faced' and well into 'school girl' territory. We also think of her as being quite petite (although we've never met her in person) and, of course, after all that training at the Hogwarts Academy, she does have magic powers. How handy.

emma watson glasto

Rosie, on the other hand is quite aristocratic, and made her name as that most terrifying of all creatures - the Victoria's Secret model. This means that she's been genetically blessed with not only the legs and arms of a baby giraffe, but a buxom rather than concave chest as well AND an ability to  pout and smoulder, emitting powerful vibes of 'come hitherness' all the while narrowing her eyes EVER SO SLIGHTLY like a cat. RRRRRrrrrrrr!

But which lady do you prefer? The choice is YOURS...


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