WATCH Lady Gaga's Vanity Fair Cover Shoot!

04 August 2010

Remember the first time you heard Lady Gaga singing live and you suddenly realised: this girl has talent - real music skills, and a killer voice, and that you'd totally written her off as just another pop tart with a gimmicky line in dance tracks? Well, we felt the same way watching Showstudio's behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot for the new Vanity Fair cover story on Gagaloo. The first thing we noticed - the girl formerly known as Stefani Germanotta is properly beautiful. Those eyes! That porcelain skin! The smile! The cheekbones! Of course it's not surprising that we hadn't noticed before now, given the fact that her face is more usually smothered in a variety of oppressive ornamentation - lace/crystals/stage make up/giant eyewear etc. But looking at the video - the lady is pretty luminous. Not a button-nosed pouty supermodel, to be sure, but undeniably beautiful.

Another thing we noticed - the singer seemingly has boundless energy and patience - both marks of a great model. Not only does she keep moving around on camera, changing poses, dancing about to create movement, on and on and on, but she also does it whilst wrestling a series of impossible-to-control outfits: a chiffon cape, long wig, pointy crown AND a wind machine? Jumping up and down in those insanely high heel-less shoes? Flinging around a clear plastic giant skirt which is full of talcum powder? And Lady G appears to do it all with her usual grace and old-fashioned good manners.

Obviously none of these activities are exactly outside her usual remit - her never-ending world tour was a gruelling workout and so she is used to keeping energy levels up, and as for coping with staying upright and elegant in challenging clothing, well, we know she has that nailed (although you will note on the video that those treacherous heel-less shoes nearly tripped her up - again). Anyway, we thought you'd like to see this video. Lady Gaga, you are gorgeous...



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