Musical Chairs at the big Fashion Houses?

03 August 2010

Riddle me this, fashion train spotters and stamp collectors! Scurrilous and uncorroborated but MOST intriguing rumours are circulating the internet this day. We hasten to add, we have not heard anything to suggest these are true, but puzzling over the cryptic clues is a brilliant game you can play with all the family. Here is the skinny -

“There is a stunning piece of hiss that should it come true, would mean two major fashion houses are in line for a serious re-alignment. The three part scoop involves...(A.) one of fashion's most major designer retiring from a venerable house, making room for that complex and talented countryman of his (B....) jumping from his current house to the vacant throne. Which (C) then leaves another of fashion's most legendary brands open for a certain star talent to come out of the wilderness back into the luxury fold”

WHO on earth are they talking about? Commentators on the Imagist blog have posited the following suggestions: 

“Armani retires. Pilati replaces him. Slimane to YSL. ?!?” (Anonymous)

The ‘countryman’ part works, but Slimane is a menswear specialist. NEXT!

Karl Lagerfeld leaves Chanel Hedi Slimane goes to Chanel” (Anonymous)

Hedi Slimane is French with Italian and Tunisian parents and Karl Lagerfeld is German. So . . . .

it sounds like it has something to do with Balenciaga

Maybe Nicholas Ghesquiere is moving to Chanel and Karl is retiring. This would make sense. Nicholas Ghesquiere doing couture OMG can you imagine!”  (Anonymous)

We think Ghesquiere doing couture WOULD be amazing. But does it have the ring of truth?

And finally, another commentator simply said

Tom Ford is back baby!  (Anonymous)

Ha ha ha! And one more - although this isn't adhering to the 'countryman' code either.

I thought Tom was going to do his own womenswear line? Although Tom Ford would be amazing at Armani. I can see him doing something minimal and sheer and sexy and expensive and making Armani really luxury like Chanel or Hermes” (Anonymous)

It truly is a connundrum wrapped in an enigma! What do you think? Have you say below! 


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